Academic Divisions

Teacher helping a student use a microscopeThe Academic Affairs unit at Owensboro Community and Technical College is organized into two divisions by discipline area: Arts and Sciences; and Professional and Technical Studies. Within the academic divisions are five departments: Manufacturing and Skilled Trades; Humanities and Fine Arts; Mathematics, Sciences & Social Sciences; Nursing; and Business, Allied Health, and Public Service.



Division of Arts and Sciences

Bertke, Stacey Administrative Assistant
Maltby, Dr. Marc Interim Dean of Academic Affairs

 Department of Humanities and Fine Arts

Name Position
Alschbach, Matthew Assistant Professor, History
Ash, Angela
Associate Professor, History
Branham, Matthew Professor, English
Brown, Kaye Associate Professor, English
Collins, Shannon  Professor, English
Ford, Dr. Constance    Professor, Music
Gibson, Molly Instructor, English
Glenn III, Dr. Robert  Professor, Communications
Helm, Monty  Professor, Art
Hildenbrandt, Daniel          Associate Professor, Communications 
Johnson, James Professor, Spanish/English
Ledford, Dr. Julia - Associate Dean    Professor, Communications/Theatre
Lewis, Dr. Court  Assistant Professor, Philosophy 
Northenor, Tonya Associate Professor, English
Obilade, Dr. Anthony Associate Professor, Communications/English
Rice, Tammy Associate Professor, Communications
Runyon, Carl Associate Professor, English
Ruth, Deborah  Associate Professor, English
Skaggs, Dr. Meredith Assistant Professor, Communications
Swanson, Susan Associate Professor, English

 Department of Mathematics, Sciences and Social Sciences

Name Position
Booker, Connie Assistant Professor, Mathematics
Caplan, Geralyn  Associate Professor, Biology  
Curtis, Vickie Associate Professor, Mathematics 
Dick, Dr. Timothy Professor, Biology 
Gish, Misty  Associate Professor, Biology
Hamilton, Casey Associatie Professor, Education
Head, Monty  Assistant Professor, Mathematics
Kobella, Peter Associate Professor, Biology 
Martin, David Professor, Math/Chemistry 
Morris, Dr. Edward Professor, Psychology
Menser, N. Joy Associate Professor, Radiography
Mowers, Kathleen Professor, Mathematics 
Mundell, Don Associate Professor, Chemistry
Perkins, Micah Associate Professor, Biology
Sallan, Dr. Veena - Associate Dean
Professor, Biology
Ward, Lorene J. Associate Professor, Mathematics
Wetzel, Dr. W. Frederick Professor, Psychology
Wilson, Pamela Professor, Psychology

Division of Professional and Technical Studies

Edds-Eliis, Dr. Stacy                             Interim Dean of Academic Affairs
Wimpelberg, Nikki Administrative Assistant

 Department of Manufacturing and Skilled Trade

Name Position
Autry, A. Dean - Associate Dean           Professor, Electrical Technology 
Bailes, Steven  Associate Professor, Computer Aided Drafting 
Bowlds, Barry Associate Professor, Welding Technology
Crowe, Randy  Associate Professor, Computerized Manufacturing and Machining 
Gore, Michael  Associate Professor, Computerized Manufacturing and Machining 
Hammonds, Scott  Associate Professor, Engineering Technology 
Higdon, Marty Assistant Professor, Electrical Technology
Hollman, Steve Professor, Construction Technology
James, Walter Instructor, Diesel Technology
Johnson, Connie Associate Professor, CIT
Miller, Clyde Instructor, Auto Body Repair
Monsour, Matt Instructor, CIT
Moseley, Daniel Associate Professor, Computerized Manufacturing and Machining
Nall, Lewis Program Coordinator, Automotive & Diesel Technology
Payne, Justin   Associate Professor, Engineering Technology 
Payne, Shawn  Associate Professor, Mechatronics 
Purdy, Cheryl
Associate Professor, CIT
Schmitt, Theresa Professor, CIT
Stone, Larry Instructor, Air Conditioning Technology
Wood-Grasela, Vickey Associate Professor, Welding Technology
Wright, Fred Instructor, Automotive Technology

 Department of Nursing

Name Position
Arnold, Judy                                             
Instructor, Nursing
Ebelhar, Bethany  Associate Professor, Nursing 
Donahoo, Lori Assistant Professor, Nursing
Drane, Tabitha Simulation Specialist
Hall, Theresa Assistant Professor, Nursing
Hamilton, Teresa Nursing Student Affairs Specialist
Lanham, Terri  Director of Nursing
Layman, Janet Assistant Professor, Nursing
Morris, Dr. Kelly Associate Professor, Nursing
McGee, Jennifer  Associate Professor, Nursing 
Revlett, Kim Instructor, Nurse Aide
Taylor, Eunice  Associate Professor, Nursing

 Department of Business, Allied Health, and Public Services

Name Position
Basham, Zara Associate Professor, Surgical Technology
Boyd, Michael Professor, Business Administration Systems
Canales, Mike Instructor, Healthcare Facilities Management
Clark, Robin Instructor, AOT and MIT
Edwards, L. Michelle Assistant Professor, Early Childhood Education
Glenn, Dr. James Professor, Business Administration Systems
Hoffman, Kathy - Department Chair       Associate Professor, Biology
Howard, Jacqueline Veterinary Technology
Leach, Dr. Eddie Instructor, Veterinary Technology
McCrary, Lauren Assisstant Professor, AOT and MIT
McDonough, Greta Professor, Human Services
Menser, N. Joy Associate Professor, Radiography
Miller, Tyler Instructor Specialist, Agriculture
Purdy, Robert Associate Professor, Criminal Justice
Tudor, Michelle Associate Professor, Radiology
Van Cleve, Jimmy Coordinator, Fire Rescue/Paramedic/EMT
Wallace, Albert Professor, Accounting
Williams, Chelsea Instructor, Agricultural Studies/Horticulture