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Cadie Underwood

Cadie sitting down  at a farm with books in her lapAgriculture has been a way of life for Cadie Underwood. “My family works together in our chicken houses, in the tobacco patches and with our cattle. In the last couple of years, I have done quite a bit of vegetable gardening,” she said. Underwood has her own business, a vegetable stand in Calhoun. The seed for a career in agriculture was planted at a young age and grew as she furthered her education at OCTC’s Discover College.

Quote: “I began attending OCTC in the tenth grade of high school. OCTC was a great opportunity for me to get a head start on my college education,” she said. 

After earning an associate degree at OCTC, Underwood became a full-time student at Western Kentucky University. “My education helped me come to a better understanding of agricultural practices,” she said. “We did not just study book material but did hands-on activities to apply what we learned and gain a better understanding.” At WKU, Underwood is working toward a bachelor’s degree in political science with a minor agriculture. She hopes to teach at a college upon graduation and continue farming. “I plan on continuing to raise vegetables. Someday I want to own my own farm, and raise livestock and crops on it as well,” she said. “Agriculture has always been a part of my life, and it always will be.”