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Introducing the new Hager Civic Engagement Scholars Program! What’s so unique about this program? Here are some of the benefits:
• Challenging, customized curriculum
• Civic Engagement activities
• Mentoring, scholarships, and recognition
• Phi Theta Kappa honors society membership
• Transfer Opportunities 
Are you eligible? The program is looking for students who are in the beginning stages of their degree planning with a 3.4 GPA and ACT score of 23 or higher. 

How do a I apply, or who do I contact? You can contact me, the coordinator, Torri Norris, at 270-686-4681 or by email at tori.norris@kctcs.edu.

There are several reasons why OCTC is a great place to pursue your education, this is just one of them.

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We'll challenge you and provide the support you need to begin an exciting career and build the foundation for lifelong learning. Our classes are small and our experienced faculty offer personal attention.