Turn your green thumb into a budding career in Horticulture – the science, technology and business of cultivating plants. Horticulturists may specialize in nurturing gardens, landscapes, forests, or fields. You can find them cultivating crops for food and refining plants for medicine. Graduates of OCTC’s Horticulture Program will get their hands dirty with real life experiences. Our students learn to apply techniques used to improve plant growth, yields and quality. Graduates study traditional science as well as the latest technologies. If you’re an environmentalist at heart, you might just blossom in Horticulture.

Available Credentials

Associate in Applied Science (AAS)

  • Horticulture Science Track: 63-68 credit hours
  • Horticulture Business Track: 61-66 credit hours


  • Greenhouse Operations: 6 credit hours
  • Greenhouse Production: 8 credit hours
  • Horticulture Sales: 15-18 credit hours
  • Landscape Installation: 12 credit hours
  • Landscape Planning: 22 credit hours
  • Lawn Maintenance: 10 credit hours
  • Nursery Production: 20 credit hours
  • Nursery Operations: 13 credit hours


For course sequence, see the program card.

For graduation requirements, see the academic plan.

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