Student working on mechatronics equipment.

Mechatronic Systems

Mechatronics has transformed modern manufacturing. This design process combines multiple engineering principles to develop innovative solutions. An industrial robot is a mechatronics system that uses electronics, mechanics, and computing to do its day-to-day tasks. Employers need technicians who can keep those systems running smoothly. Students in this program get to push the limits of technology in robotics, electrical components, hydraulics and more. Classroom instruction, hands-on activities and industry visits prepare our student’s for today’s workforce and tomorrow’s opportunities. The Mechatronics program can also open the doors for you to pursue a career in several of our other technical fields of study: Computer Aided Drafting and Design/GOTS, Electrical Technology, Engineering Technology, Industrial Maintenance, Machine Tool Technology.

Available Credentials


  • Mechatronic Systems Operating Technician:
    Siemens International Mechatronic Systems Certification Level I: 16 credit hours

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    Shawn Payne, Mechatronics Program Coordinator

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    Students who enroll in the mechatronics program are exposed to today’s newest technologies. The program is designed so students experience the four basic areas of the manufacturing process. Electrical components, hydraulics/pneumatics, mechanical components and programmable logic controllers. Upon completion of the one year certificate, students will be ready for jobs –like an operation technician. Classroom activities include lecture, hands on lab projects, safety training, teamwork and plant tours. Want to learn more? Use the contact info on this page!