Theatre at OCTC revolves around the collaborative nature of the art form. We value the diversity of interests and talents that contribute to making theatre a creative and exciting form of expression. We acknowledge our social, creative, and personal responsibility to our culture, our society, our community, and our growth within the art. Theatre classes, both general education and studio, are offered on the main campus. We offer a variety of studio classes including acting, stagecraft, and mime. General education theatre classes include Intro to Theatre, American Theatre, and Introduction to Dramatic Literature.

Oak Island Theatre is proud to be part of the performing arts program at OCTC and its Theatre offerings. Oak Island Theatre is the production wing of the OCTC Theatre program. As an educational theatre, we produce an array of styles and genres of theatre . Several productions are scheduled each academic year and are supplemented with other theatrical activities such as mime. Everyone is encouraged to participate either on-stage, back-stage, or from the audience perspective. We enjoy what we do and value our experiences as we learn together.