The English faculty at OCTC welcome you and hope you contact us for more information about our activities. OCTC’s English class sizes are designed to be small enough that the faculty are able to give individual attention to students to help them be successful in their academic pursuits. We offer courses, including those that help students who have been out of school for a while to refresh their basic skills (Foundation of College Writing I/II), the required freshman composition sequence (Writing I/II), Business Writing, a variety of literature courses (Intro. to Literature, Survey of English Literature I/II, Literature and Place, Intro Women's Literature, Survey of American Literature I/II, Survey of Western Literature I/II, Major Black Writers), two film courses (Introduction to Film, International Film Studies), and Beginning Workshop in Imaginative Writing. We also sponsor special activities, such as Open Mic (a monthly opportunity for students and faculty to share written creative work or acoustic music), OCTC’s Common Reading (a book selected each semester that is incorporated in all the division’s classes with the intent to provide a common ground for new discussions and mutual interests--the selected writers are diverse but many Kentucky and regional writers are included), Skylark (the school’s literary publication) and an informal reading/discussion group that each semester chooses an author and explores several of his/her works. Please visit us; we would love to include you in the OCTC Humanities Division family.