Computer Literacy Exam Information for CIT105 Exemption

  1. The IC3 Exams provide nationally recognized certification. To visit the vendor’s website, click here.
    KCTCS uses the exams to prove computer literacy and exempt students from CIT105. There are two IC3 exams - the Standard and the Fast Track.  Please check with Student Records to determine which exam your academic plan requires.
  2. The test packets are available for purchase in the campus Barnes & Noble Bookstore. The cost for the Standard exam is $88.30; the Fast Track exam costs $20.

  3. Please call the TLC (270-686-4535) to schedule your appointment. Bring a picture ID and your voucher number(s) on the day of the exam. 

  4. After the exam, you will take your test scores to Student Records for appropriate transcript update.  

See the IC3 Competencies and the Database Exam Competencies .