College Leadership

Owensboro Community and Technical College plays a vital role in the region for economic development, educational attainment, preparedness for transfer to a university, or transitioning to a professional career. The President of OCTC is Dr. Scott Williams, an educator with a wide variety of academic and real world experience.

Dr. Williams collaborates with the Executive Team, made up of vice presidents who are responsible for the day-to-day operations of the college. Below is a list of the vice presidents and their area of responsibilities.

Executive Team

Division Chairs, Leadership Team, Administrative Council and the College Assembly

The next level of leadership includes the Division Chairs and the Leadership Team, listed below. The Administrative Council is a collaborative body that provides primary recommendations to the College Assembly, allowing for more in-depth discussion and debate of agenda items.The College Assembly includes all full-time employees as voting members, although select issues that require voting are faculty issues and thus require "faculty-only" votes. All issues that are considered college-wide are voted upon by the entire body in attendance.

Associate Deans

The associate deans are led by the Vice President of Academic Affairs.

Leadership Team

The leadership team is led by the President and consists of the Executive Team in addition to the below members.