Apply For Federal Financial Aid

Eligibility Requirements:

In order to determine your financial aid eligibility, you must be fully admitted to OCTC. If you have not applied for Admission, please click here. You must also complete the FAFSA each year. You will not be awarded federal financial aid until your file is complete in the OCTC Office of Financial Aid. All estimated awards are awarded under the assumption of full time enrollment. Aid will be prorated or reduced depending on the actual number of hours you are enrolled.

Basic eligibility requirements for federal aid are as follows:

  1. Demonstrate financial need;
  2. Be a U.S. citizen or an eligible non-citizen;
  3. Have a valid Social Security number;
  4. Register with Selective Service, if you are male between the ages of 18 and 25;
  5. Maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) as defined by KCTCS;
  6. Show you are qualified to obtain a post-secondary education by completing one of the following: a high school diploma or GED, or completed a high school education in a home school setting approved under state law;
  7. Be working toward an approved degree or certificate;
  8. Not be in default on a federal student loan or owe a Title IV repayment.

Steps to Apply for Financial Aid/ Completing the FAFSA:

Remember, applying for Federal Student Aid is FREE!

Applying for financial aid starts with a single application called the FAFSA. Students are automatically considered for all forms of federal financial assistance by completing the following steps:

Apply for a Federal Student Aid (FSA) User ID online. Your FSA User ID will be used to confirm your identity when completing your FAFSA.
Complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) at
File your FAFSA as soon after October 1st as possible before the semester you want to begin classes.
The FAFSA will ask you to provide federal school codes for the schools you want your FAFSA information sent to. OCTC's Federal School Code is: 030345
Once OCTC receives your FAFSA information, you will receive a FAFSA Acknowledgement email (to the email address you listed on the FAFSA) stating the information you entered has been delivered to the college. Then check your "To-Do List" on your OCTC Student Self-Service page. Your To-Do List will contain the necessary items needed to complete your file.  
If your To-Do List contains any items, those must be completed and returned to the Office of Financial Aid before your financial aid can be awarded.

Verification Process:

Your FAFSA may be selected for verification. In this case, you will be required to submit additional documentation in order for financial aid to be awarded. Students should monitor the above mentioned To-Do List for Verification information.

Students should submit all verification documents to the Office of Financial Aid as soon as possible. Waiting to submit the required documentation later than approximately three weeks before classes begin, could delay your financial aid being awarded before the tuition deadline. If your financial aid is not complete by the tuition deadline, or your tuition is not paid in full prior to the first day of class each term, students run the risk of being cancelled for non-payment of fees.