Computer Use Policies

These policies apply to the use of all Owensboro Community Technical College computing resources. Access to computing resources is a privilege to which all employees and students are entitled. Certain responsibilities accompany that privilege and understanding them is important for all computer users. Users are responsible for following the rules listed. Violation of these rules may result in the loss of computing privileges.

  • Users must comply with all local, state, and federal laws, which include copyright laws.
  • Users must refrain from using computer resources in ways that are unlawfully harassing to others. This would include pornography.
  • Computer accounts and passwords are assigned to individual users and should not be shared with others.
  • Use of or access to another person's account is prohibited except for when faculty need access to grade homework.
  • Use of computing facilities for private business purposes unrelated to the mission of the college is prohibited. Personal use for non-commercial purposes may be appropriate.
  • Users should be aware of computer viruses and other destructive computer programs, and take steps to avoid them.
  • Users must refrain from intentional disruption or monitoring of electronic communications.
  • Students should not download or install software on any computers.
  • Students should save files toa flash drive. Students should not save files to the local hard drive.
  • Students should refrain from printing material that does not relate to class work.
  • The user should be aware that OCTC's computing resources, including software such as electronic mail, are not necessarily secure or private.
  • Users should regularly delete unneeded files from their accounts.

In addition to these guidelines, KCTCS has adopted and approved institutional computer usage policies. All employees and students are required to adhere to all KCTCS computer usage guidelines. The web address for these policies is:

KCTCS Information and Information Technology Responsible Use Policy Policies/4-2-5.pdf

KCTCS E-mail Policy Policies/3-3-21.pdf