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The United States Congress is recognizing September 22-28, 2014, as National Adult Education and Family Literacy Week. Locally, McLean County Adult Education is celebrating the week and promoting its free services through two events.

McLean Countys Judge Executive Kelly Thurman proclaimed the week McLean County Adult Education Week during a signing ceremony on September 22, 2014. We are thrilled to have this week designated as McLean County Adult Education Week. We have two activities lined up for the week, says Susan Jollay, Assistant Director, McLean County Adult Education. I encourage members of our community to join in the fun and spread the word about the good work we do here, like helping adults prepare for the GED test, as well as for college and career.

Activities for the week include:

The GED Testing Service See For Free Campaign. During this campaign, any eligible adult may take one or more of the four sections of the GED Ready test for free at the McLean County Adult Education center. The campaign runs September 22-October 3, 2014. Passing scores on the GED Ready Test allow individuals to take the GED test. If youre an adult who doesnt have a high school credential, this is an excellent opportunity to see how you would do on the GED test, says Jollay. You may be closer than you think! To find out more and/or to schedule a free GED Ready test session, contact Susan Jollay or Teresa Kesterson at 270.231.0338.

The Book-It Challenge. This challenge is described as being like the recently popular ice bucket challenge, but a lot less messy. In this challenge, local adults are challenged to take a picture of themselves reading to their favorite children and e-mail it to Susan Jollay at The photo will then be posted on the programs Facebook page ( as well as the Kentucky Adult Education Facebook page ( This challenge was designed to bring light to the positive impacts of parents increased educational attainment levels on their childrens academic success, as well as the importance and benefits of reading to children, says Jollay.

For more information about these events or the services offered by McLean County Adult Education, call 270.231.0338, e-mail, or visit