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Safety Training for Shutdown Contractors or Periodic Contract Workers

Whether it’s a scheduled shutdown or just periodic contract work being performed in your plant, the safety of both the contractors and your employees is your top priority. OCTC Workforce Solutions can develop a customized, computer-based Contractor Safety Training program that will provide your company’s critical safety and health requirements that contractors and their employees must know before working in your facility. All contractors who will work at your facility will be required to complete this safety training before physically going on-site.

Administered in OCTC’s SkillTest Assessment Center, the training is an interactive, computer-based program that concludes with an assessment to verify understanding and commitment to your onsite safe work practices and regulations. Upon the successful completion of the training and assessment, each contractor employee will receive a customized badge containing the individual employee’s name, company, photo, and expiration date.  This safety certification will be valid for a period of time deemed appropriate by your company.

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