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Leadership Training


One day you’re their colleague and the next you’re their boss! Moving directly from co-worker to supervisor can be one of the most difficult transitions in work life. The number-one challenge is switching from doing the job to leading people doing the job. This leadership training program will help you understand your personal style for interacting with others. You will learn skills for communicating and relating to former peers who are now your subordinates so you can handle these changing relationships in a way that's comfortable for everyone. You'll also learn how to motivate and encourage people to do their personal best so you can build a high performance team that resolves conflicts quickly and effectively.


This course is designed for those who are currently in leadership roles or those who will transition to leadership roles in the future.


By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

 ★ Make the transition from co-worker to leader as smoothly as possible.

 ★ Understand personal styles and how different personality types can work together.

 ★ Apply the skills for effective communication and conflict resolution.

 ★ Develop a strong, cohesive team of high-performing employees.

 Course Outline

This course will be offered in a hybrid format of four (4) online learning modules. Each module will be followed by a two-hour (minimum), live, instructor-led session for employees to demonstrate they can apply the skills they learn. The four modules that make up this course include:

 Module 1:  Transition to Leader

·        Sink or Swim – Surviving the Transition to the Leader

·        What’s Your Type? 16 Personalities Assessment

·        Working Effectively With Different Personalities

·        Building Solid Working Relationships

 Module 2:  Effective Communication

·        Developing Strong Communication Skills

·        Improving Listening Skills

·        Gaining Credibility and Trust with Communication

·        Motivating Employees and Providing Feedback

 Module 3:  Conflict Resolution

·        Understanding the Causes of Conflict

·        Learning Five Strategies for Conflict Resolution

·        Applying the Most Effective Strategy for a Situation

·        Utilizing Problem Solving Techniques

 Module 4:  Team Building

·        Reviewing Key Characteristics of Strong and Cohesive Teams

·        Learning Successful Teamwork Skills

·        Understanding Stages of Team Development: Forming, Storming, Norming, and Performing

·        Building a Strong Performing Team

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