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Technical Classes

Like our main campus, Workforce Solutions offers credit-bearing classes in mechanical and electrical maintenance as well as short-term certification in areas such as forklift, rigging and lifting and welding.

Our training has many advantages over traditional college classes! Our classes are:

Customized to your industry
Scheduled based on your worker availability
On-site or near your site
Taught by industry-experienced instructors
Possibly eligible for 50% paid state funding

Industry courses offered through OCTCs Workforce Solutions division are tailored to your industry, personalized to your organizations strategic priorities and adapted to meet your needs. This industry training option allows you the opportunity to schedule classes and labs whenever it is most convenient for employees. If possible, we can offer training at your location or near your location at one of our satellite campuses. An industry-experienced instructor delivers personalized training.

In addition, your employees will have to assume the responsibility of submitting transcripts, taking the college placement test, registering for courses, paying fees, and buying books and supplies on their own before the class starts. At Workforce Solutions, these tasks are handled by a single point of contact. Your employees don't pay tuition and fees on an individual basis. Your organization is charged only after the training has progressed. Most of our industry training programs are eligible for KCTCS TRAINS funding (50% paid with state funding).

Traditional college courses are only offered in an eight-week bi-term or 16-week traditional semester schedule, including online courses. Traditional college courses are offered according to a set date and time and availability is based on unfilled student slots. There is no customization to content and instructors may or may not have actual hands-on industry experience. With traditional online courses there is limited interaction with other students and the instructor. Some students may do well in this format. Most students require personal interface with the instructor to maximize their learning experience.

Also, if employees miss class due to work schedules, traditional courses typically dont' provide an opportunity to make up missed coursework. This entails time off the job or requires the employee to do this on his/her personal time.

KCTCS-TRAINS funding consideration isn't available for traditional courses.

Since production requirements are first and foremost with majority of our company partners, they overwhelmingly prefer the flexibility and individualization that customized delivery provides.

Interested? Contact Keith Boarman or call 270-686-4440

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