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Customized Seminars

Workforce Solutions will provide onsite training for your employees customized for your schedule and budget.Call (270) 686-4444 to schedule your company training.

Stepping Up! Boot Camp for New Supervisors and Managers

Stepping Up! Boot Camp is an excellent starting point for supervisors and managers who are new to their role. This will be a one-day training and provide new supervisors and managers with an accurate picture of what it truly means to be the boss. Some of the topics include:

  • Understand the scope of the supervisory/management role
  • Develop the skills that are required to be a supervisor/manager
  • Learn what principles are needed to build credibility
  • Discover the real-life concerns, challenges and pitfalls of being a supervisor/manager
  • Create an action-oriented decision-making performance model

Accountability Thinking & Doing

Based on the book, QBQ by John Miller, this four-hour workshop is designed to focus on how to break the habit of blaming, complaining and procrastinating.This training will help you take your customer service performance to new heights. Also, applying this philosophy to work teams may trigger that innovation and heightened performance every organization strives to achieve.

Become a Great Leader

To become a great leader you need to develop your own style of leadership based on personal preferences and your past leadership influences. This will help you understand the foundations of leadership, appreciate the importance of leadership traits and behaviors, and be able to establish a clear vision and strategic direction for the organization.

Quality Planning for Continuous Improvement

Training to teach organizational-wide planning techniques and processes that focus on long-term quality improvement.

Quality Tools of the Trade

Learn quality improvement tools and techniques and their integration into an organization.

Corporate Self-Defense Seminars One-hour Lunch-n-Learn

Marine Sergeant Major Eric Smith will lead this interactive presentation and cover the most crucial elements of personal safety. Topics include: how to recognize common attacker tricks; the most vulnerable targets on the human body and the best ways to impact them; and using ones voice with authority.

Call (270) 686-4444 to schedule your company training.

Corporate Self-Defense Seminars Three-hour Seminar

This is a hands-on, group self-defense class. Marine Sergeant Major Eric Smith will cover: easy and effective physical skills; releases from the most common chokes and grabs; and signals that tell you whether you need to use physical skills, de-escalation or plain avoidance.

Call (270) 686-4444 to schedule your company training.