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Small Business Training

*Call for availability: 270-686-4444.

At-Your-Elbow Computer Training

Workforce Solutions offers customized training for up to 3 of your employees to help improve their skills and efficiency.

Areas addressed can include project management, scheduling, organization, communication, research, data collection and analysis.

Software-specific training could include:
Microsoft: Outlook Mail/Calendar (both desktop and mobile), Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Publisher
Google: Gmail, Search, Advanced Search, Maps, other Google Apps
Salesforce (Customer Relationship Management)
Facebook: Marketing your business on Facebook

Other possible topics:
Creating a Website for your Business and ensuring it shows up in searches
Transferring data from one computer program to another without re-typing values

Cost: $125/hour for 1-3 employees

If you have other technology needs, please call for availability.

Customer Service Certification

This program will give participants the opportunity to obtain the National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC), a National Professional Certificate in Customer Service (NPCSS), Educational instruction will be provided by a certified teacher to deliver the National Retail Foundation course in Retail Operations. The five-part retail operation course includes facilitator and participant guides targeting specific areas of skill and knowledge: Retail Industry Overview, Customer Service, Selling and Service, Store Operations, and Getting the Job.

$124 (includes the price of the test)