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  • Hands-On
  • Project & Competency Base
  • Short Term
  • Day or Evening
  • Geared to Adult Learners
  • Multiple Career Paths
  • Financial Aid and Job Placement Advertisement

OCTC's Tech X initiative is a multi-craft technologist program that offers hands-on training in a real-world, industrial environment. Tech X is short for "Tech eXpress," as this program is completed within nine months. 

Multi-Craft Technologists will be preparing for a journey into life-long learning and adjusting as technology changes. Foundations in Blueprint Reading, Robotics, Welding, Fabrication, and Material Handling will be progressive. Participating students will earn the following: Arc Welder Certificate, Gas Welder Certificate, Production Line Welder Certificate, Tack Welder Certificate, Welder Helper Certificate, and a Forklift Operators Certificate upon completion of the coursework.

Tech X offers two flexible tracks for a variety of non-traditional, time-challenged adults. The daytime option will allow students to attend classes eight hours per day, three days per week, for seven months. The evening option will enable students to attend classes four hours per evening, four nights per week, for nine months.

Students will also receive concierge-like services from a Career Navigator/Success Coach, who will counsel them about financial aid and job placement options available to them.

For more information about OCTC's Tech X Program, please contact, Antoine Smith-Rouse via e-mail at or call 270-686-4641.

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