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0:00        hey guys welcome OCTC transportation technology

0:04        Let’s go inside where we’re training tomorrow’s technician today

0:16        my name is Doctor Jim Klauber President of Owensboro Community and Technical College

0:20        Technical College

0:21        and I’m happy to tell you that our automotive

0:24        technology and diesel program are the very best in the country

0:27        because we have students centered faculty who focus on

0:31        moving our students through education on to a degree

0:35        onto a job in to career moreover

0:38        what sets us apart from all the rest is the fact that

0:42        our program is cutting edge we aren’t resting on what the technologies of

0:46        today are

0:47        we are looking forward we’re looking towards alternative fuel technologies

0:51        and the future of automotives

0:53        and we’re embracing that

0:54        I chose OCTC because I want to further my education

0:58        and automotive and so far I’ve learned a lot about electrical

1:02        engine repair and heating and air conditioning and I love hands-on about

1:05        it they have a great program

1:07        and they treat people equally no matter the gender and I want to further my

1:11        education in diesel and automotive technology program

1:13        Why OCTC in a phrase

1:17        dedication to student success we have faculty

1:20        better dedicated to ensuring that our students are the most qualified, trained

1:25        automotive

1:26        that diesel technicians in our service region

1:29        where faculty that are ASE Master Certified

1:32        they attend extensive training

1:36        and keep up with their skills, students are always learning most cutting-edge

1:40        technologies within the automotive and diesel areas

1:43        I chose OCTC because it’s a good school and I learned a lot

1:46        I’ve been here for almost a year now and it’s going to help me further my career

1:49        and I chose OCTC because

1:51        there the best choice I found in this area

1:55        and through OCTC I have learned how to take an engine apart

1:59        how to take a transmission apart and being able to diagnose computer problems

2:04        its really helping me in order to find you a job later on in the field too

2:09        so very happy with the decision to come to OCTC

2:12        what I credit for our positive learning environment that we have here

2:15        at OCTC are things like the cobra that you see here behind me

2:18        we will build an engine from the top to bottom build its own stand

2:22        coolant system through the starting system then we come into the classroom

2:27        we love the hands-on work as far as the outcome

2:30        we come into this classroom and we do electrical

2:34        soon as we get here we teach just a little bit will move directly right

2:37        behind us on these benches and we

2:39        do all to the relay, to the circuit, to the parallel and to the Ohm’s Law

2:44        as soon as we get done mastering that we sit back down we learn

2:49        something else our students completely built this cobra

2:52        what this allows was for our students to get involved in the process of car

2:57        manufacturing if you will

2:58        we took a car that was just a frame that had just a body

3:01        and they did everything from the painting, to rebuilding the engine, transmission

3:05        now one of the catches for that was

3:07        only our students that were completing all their work that were getting

3:10        everything done and had the grades

3:12        were able to work on the car are really motivated the students the other thing

3:15        that I credit for this

3:16        we’ve got a lot of our own trainers here so by building our own trainers

3:20        students actually get in there

3:21        will take an engine that does not run and will build a stand for it will put

3:26        radiators and we will rewire it and will do everything that it takes to get that

3:29        engine running including rebuilding the engine

3:31        this really motivated the students it’s more than working on an engine that

3:35        doesn’t run

3:35        its taking an engine that doesn’t run and making it run, I have 23 year experience

3:39        in the diesel industry

3:41        my lifelong passion is always to be instructor from the classroom to the lab

3:45        I keep my students engaged in real world situations

3:48        which in the long run is going to make them more experienced and better

3:51        technicians

3:52        the automotive aftermarket in the car manufactures play a very important role

3:55        training tomorrow’s technicians today basically they have to come in and step

4:00        up to the plate

4:01        when they buy into what we do as educators

4:04        once they buy into us as educators,

4:08        educators then buy into the manufacturers’ vision

4:12        we take both our visions and we give it to the student

4:14        we make a well rounded student

4:16        once we take that well rounded student we incorporate them into the manufacturers training

4:24        and the employer’s dealership and independent garages

4:26        before they graduate while there still a student

4:30        they are learning work ethic, there learning quality education

4:33        and they are applying it well before graduation

4:35        once they graduate, they are already a perfect fit into the employer’s position they need them in

4:40        we have participated with our partners and have received an NSF grant

4:46        NSF program was very excited about a college that was teaching all alternative fuel classes

4:50        we bring all these partners together they invest in our programs

4:55        they invest in our students in turn they get a

4:59        quality graduate

5:01        manufacturers play a vital role,

5:05        first they serve on an advisory board

5:06        advisory board meets twice a year

5:08        they meet with us and look at watch we are teaching

5:10        what we are training and then they tell us what our shortcomings are

5:14        things they need in the field today

5:16        and what they need in the future

5:18        we let our students know that this is not just a job but a career

5:22        we want them to succeed in that career

5:25        one of the greatest challenges I see facing technicians today

5:27        that are coming into the industry

5:29        new technology is changing daily it seems

5:32        the way we address this is we are taking our students through

5:35        all the alternative fuels

5:37        work with hybrids, evs, compressed natural gas

5:40        our compressed natural gas training center that we are building

5:44        it will be in full operation in October

5:46        so we are not just training our students on what is out there today

5:51        but what is out there today, next year and the year’s to come.

We'll challenge you and provide the support you need to begin an exciting career and build the foundation for lifelong learning. Our classes are small and our experienced faculty offer personal attention.

We'll challenge you and provide the support you need to begin an exciting career and build the foundation for lifelong learning. Our classes are small and our experienced faculty offer personal attention.