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Surg Tech Earns Top Honors

Published on Apr 25, 2017

OCTC Surg Tech Students Earn Top Honors at Statewide Competition

Owensboro, Ky. (April 25, 2017) Owensboro Community & Technical College’s (OCTC) Surgical Technology students OCTC Surg Tech students holding top prize at 2017 Scrub Bowl. attended the 2nd Annual Kentucky State Assembly Association of Surgical Technologists (AST) Spring Workshop on Friday, April 21, 2017 in Elizabethtown at Elizabethtown Community & Technical College, to compete in the Scrub Bowl. The Scrub Bowl is an annual event held to challenge the students on knowledge relating to the field and as an aide in preparing them for the national exam, there were twelve teams from community and technical colleges throughout the state.  

The competition is 60 questions over three rounds. Each round has 20 questions with different point values. The highest scoring team is the overall winner. Each team competes in all three rounds.

The winning team takes home the “Peggy Howard Cup”, named in honor of Margaret “Peggy” Howard, a posthumous honor to a longtime KY AST member and director of the OCTC program for 15 years. Zara Basham, OCTC Surgical Technology program coordinator added, “Our students did exceptionally well this year and I couldn’t be prouder. They have worked hard throughout the year and it, in turn, help prepare them for this event. Their dedication will pay off as they will be more prepared for the Certification Exam after graduation.”

The student team consisted of (l to r) back row: Alissa Boone, Billie Weick, Savannah Ashby, Leah Rhoades, and Clint Snell; front row: Anna Berry, Haley Moser, and Sabrina Rice.

“This is another testament to the quality of our students and this program. Peggy would be honored that OCTC earned the cup and was able to bring it to our campus.” Added Dr. Scott Williams, OCTC President.

The OCTC Surgical Technology program has had a 100% pass rate for the national exam for the past three years, students typically graduate in early May and then study in groups before taking the exam in June.  Student interested in learning more about the Surgical Technology program may contact via email or by phone at 270.686.4650.