For current Concurrent Enrollment Students, click here for the Concurrent Enrollment Program Handbook

What are concurrent enrollment courses?

Concurrent enrollment courses are courses are offered within a high school and are taught by a qualified high school instructor, but students may be eligible receive credit through Owensboro Community and Technical College. Often, these courses allow the student to earn both high school credit and college credit simultaneously. Students must qualify to receive credit for concurrent coursework by completing pre-requisites and/or placement scores.

See Placement Testing & Assessment for current placement score requirements.

*Please note that not all courses are taught by all partner high schools. Please contact your high school to determine of the concurrent courses are offered there.

The high school instructor also must apply to be eligible to teach concurrent course(s). Their credentials and application are reviewed by their respective academic division and Discover College a year before they are permitted to teach concurrently. All concurrent instructors attend a mandatory Curriculum Alignment Day to ensure that what they are teaching in their class aligns with the curriculum of on-campus courses. All concurrent courses must meet the same expectations as on-campus courses.

How do I qualify for concurrent courses?

Discover College will work with each area high school to outline student expectations as well as academic score requirements each year. The student will work with their high school counselor or college and career readiness coach to meet placement requirements. Scores must be obtained by September 15 for the fall semester and February 15 to enroll in the spring semester. Required scores for both general education courses and technical programs may be found here.

I want to register for concurrent courses. How do I do that?

The high school will determine which concurrent courses to offer (within the approved list in question #1) and which semester to offer them. The high school understands the intent to have students earn college credit and will enroll students who are interested in receiving credit.

Students interested in concurrent class offered at the high school must apply to OCTC online (OCTC's website and select Apply Now) and submit a HS transcript and placement test scores.

  • A minimum of 10 students must have the pre-requisites and/or qualifying scores and enroll in the course for OCTC credit for the course to be considered an Owensboro Community and Technical College course. Only students meeting the pre-requisite and/or qualifying score requirement will earn credit for the course despite participation in the course for high school credit.

What are the tuition charges or other charges associated with concurrent credit?

Students may take up to 12 hours of concurrent courses per year at their high school. Tuition is assessed at 2/5 of the current on campus rate. Owensboro Community and Technical College waives the remainder of the tuition costs.

There are scholarship opportunities available to dual credit students through the Kentucky Dual Credit Scholarship and some school partners pay courses and/or texts that are a part of special initiatives.

How do I know if my high school participates with concurrent credit?

Please refer to the Discover College page for an updated list of secondary partners.

What type of admissions documents do you need for me to register as a concurrent student?

Each student is required to complete the online application and submit a HS transcript and appropriate placement scores. Required scores for both general education courses and technical programs may be found here:  OCTC Placement Guidelines

Where do I send my official documents to for concurrent credit?

Students will apply online. You may send your HS transcript to OCTC via Parchment or give it to the Admissions Navigator for your high school.

I am a home schooled student. Can I register for concurrent courses?

No, unfortunately home schooled students are ineligible for concurrent course credit.

Is there an age requirement for concurrent courses?

There is no age requirement for concurrent credit courses unless indicated by the program (often this excludes certain programs from being an option to Discover College students altogether due to selective admissions). Program eligibility is based on placement scores and/or completed prerequisites. Per the statewide memorandum of agreement, only high school juniors and seniors are eligible for concurrent enrollment credit.