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Graduation Survey

As you prepare to graduate, we ask that you evaluate the overall quality of your experiences while a student.  Your honesty and forthrightness will assist us to improve our college and its effectiveness in service to those students who will follow you.  Each section provides us with a snapshot of your experiences.  Thank you.

INSTRUCTIONS: Complete the survey below and click "Next" to proceed to the graduation application.

Section 1 - General Level of Satisfaction with College Experiences


* (1) How satisfied are you with the overall quality of instruction?
* (2) Did you believe that people at our college cared about you as a person?

Section 2 - College Experiences

How often did you do the following?


* (3) Complete a paper or project that integrated ideas from several sources?
* (4) Participate in clubs or organizations?

Section 3 - Evaluation of Educational Experiences

In this section, think of your overall experience at this community college.  Please indicate the degree to which your education at this community college added to your skills in each of the following areas.


* (5) Understanding the importance of getting along with others of different races, cultures, religions, sexual preferences, abilities, and philosophical/personal values.
* (6) Ability to learn on your own
* (7) Ability to lead or guide others
* (8) Self confidence in verbally (speaking) expressing your ideas
* (9) Self confidence in expressing your ideas in writing
* (10) Self confidence in solving practical mathematical problems
* (11) Planning and carrying out projects
* (12) Understanding and applying scientific principles and methods
* (13) Understanding environmental concerns
* (14) Ability to understand mathematical concepts
* (15) Ability to use computers in practical situations
* (16) Ability to examine ethical issues and values

Section 4 - Evaluation of College Services


* (17) Career Placement Services
* (18) Counseling Services
* (19) Testing Services
* (20) Services for students with disabilities
* (21) Computing resources
* (22) Library assistance
* (23) Library resources (print and online)
* (24) Campus bookstore
* (25) Business Office
* (26) START Center
* (27) Financial Aid
* (28) Campus Security
* (29) Teaching and Learning Center - TLC
* (30) Transfer Assistance

Section 5 - Background Information


Section 6 - Future Plans


* (41) What credential do you expect to earn?