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Information Security AAS Degree

The Information Security Track (Associate of Applied Science Degree) will provide a solid background in information security. Fundamental of information security, offensive and defensive techniques, and security topics such as operating system security, network security design, or other security tropics are covered.  This track will help prepare students for entry-level positions of network security, auditing and penetration testing, firewall configuration, and computer crime investigation. For more information go to the OCTC CIT webpage.

the certification options

  • Digital Forensics Certificate - covers the retrieval and investigation of material found in digital devices. Digital material refers to all methods of electronic data storage and transfer devices, including computers, laptops, cell phones, tablets, gaming consoles, and portable storage devices. The goal of digital forensics is to ensure the integrity of the digital material while thoroughly examining it.  Digital forensics requires in-depth knowledge of the legal as well as the technical aspects of cyber-crime.
  • Information Security Specialist Certificate - covers the fundamental of Information Security.  This certificate consists of the core skills that student need to effectively build and maintain information security systems. In addition, this certificate will provide a way for professionals currently in the industry to update their information security skills.