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OCTC ACM Student Chapter

The Association for Computing Machinery is the world's largest educational and scientific computing society, foster knowledge, collaboration and innovation.  ACM Unites professionals, researchers, educators, and students to inspire dialog and ideas that address the field's challenges.

The OCTC ACM - Student Chapter started in the Fall Semester of 2011, and has had an active membership since then.  The student group meets two to three times per semester, and usually has a service project each semester.

Activities of the OCTC ACM - Student Chapter

Spring 2020

- ACM Members toured Unifirst - Feb 28, 2020

ACM Students Tour Unifirst

- Meeting - Feb 12th
    Introduced new faculty member - Tim Williamson
    Elected new Secretary/Treasurer
    Sign-up for Plant Tour
    Notified of the "Day of Cyber" event - April 3rd at Ivy Tech in Evansville (Register Here)

Fall 2019

- Meeting - Nov 13th
   Elected new president (previous was not available)
   Brainstormed for project and field trip for the Spring semester
   Information Technology Jeopardy Game

ACM Student Meeting - Nov 13, 2019ACM Student Meeting - Nov 13, 2019

- Service Project - Oct 2nd
   Provided tech support to OCTC students

- Meeting - Sep 25
   Elected officers 
   Planned serviced project - student help desk


Spring 2019

- ACM Members tour Aleris April 5.

OCTC ACM Students at Aleris

- Women In Computing Conference - March 22 & 23
   - students are welcome (go to www.kycc-wic-octc.org to register)
   - the conference is for Men and Women!

- Meeting - Feb 11
   Elected new president - Matt Grimes,
   and new Secretary - Michael Powers

- Congratulations to Robert Drane!  Robert scored in the "GOLD" Category in the Fall 2018 National Cyber League competition.  The Gold Category is the top 15% of the competitors in the nation.

Fall 2018

ACM Students - Help Desk Activities

- Attend KY Aerospace Industry Consortium sponsored "Cyber Security and Quality Management" workshop -  Oct 9
- Participate in the National Cyber League Cyber Competition

- Cyber Security Month - October

- PC Helpdesk Sep 27
  ACM Students will help other OCTC Students and Senior Citizens with computer issues/problems.

- Present at local professional organization (Greater Owensboro Territory Information Technologist - GOTIT)
  ACM President - Robert Drane and CIT Faculty - Cheryl Purdy
  Topic: National Cyber League Cyber Competition

- Meeting Sep 12
  Elect new officers, plan service project, discuss the Cyber League Competition


Spring 2018

- Participate in the National Cyber League Cyber Competition

- Meeting Mar 14
  Information Technology Jeopardy Game

- Women in Computing Feb 9

- ACM students repair computers used by Free-Tax Filing group    Jan 11

Fall 2017

ACM - Field Trip to OMU- Tour OMU Facility and exam a fiber optic installation Nov 9

- Meeting Oct 23
  Cybersecurity Jeopardy Game

- FIRST Lego League Dec 2

ACM - Checking the Fiber Optics Lines

Spring 2017

- Mike Viergutz, KSP Crime Branch, guest speaker Apr 19
  Infotainment Systems

- ACM Field trip to Unifirst IT Tour, Mar 2

- ACM Meeting Feb 9

- PC Health Check Day at Munday Center Jan 20

- PC Health Check Day at Munday Center Jan 19

- PC Health Check Day at Munday Center Jan 17

ACM at Unifirst

Fall 2016

- FIRST Lego League Dec 3

- ACM Meeting Oct 26

ACM - FLL Competition

Spring 2016

- ACM Teaching Facebook to Seniors, Munday Center Mar 18

- ACM Meeting Mar 15

- ACM Teaching Facebook to Seniors, Munday Center Mar 11

ACM - "How to Facebook", at the Munday Center- ACM Teaching Facebook to Seniors, Munday Center Mar 4

- ACM meeting Feb 16

- FIRST TECH Challenge Jan 30

- Current Cyber Threats GOTIT Jan 20

- ACM Meeting Jan 19

Fall 2015

ACM Working at CASA - ACM work day at CASA Dec 17

- FIRST Lego League Dec 5

- Chris Poynter, OMU, guest speaker Nov 17 -- Last Mile Fiber

- ACM site visit at CASA Oct 22

- GOTIT Walking Tour English Park Control Center & New Convention Center Oct 21

- ACM meeting Oct 20

Spring 2015

- Women in Computing Conference Apr 10-11

- ACM S-STEM Recruiting Extravaganza Mar 31

- Adam Johnston, Owensboro PD, guest speaker Feb 23
  Methodology of Accident Reconstruction

- FIRST Tech Challenge Jan 31

- setup for FIRST Tech Challenge Jan 30

- ACM Meeting Jan 28

Fall 2014

- FIRST Lego League Dec 6

- GEN 100 Field trip to Owensboro Police Department Nov 6
  Robotic Bomb Squad Demonstration

GEN100 at OPD - Bomb Squad Demo

Spring 2014

Ms. Purdy working at Munday Center

- Work day at Munday Center  May 10

- Security Conference at Henderson Community College Mar 7

- Cellular Forensics at GOTIT Feb 19

- FIRST Tech Challenge Feb 1

Fall 2013


ACM - Working at Munday Center- Work day at Munday Center Dec 16

- Field trip to City of Owensboro Dec 16

- ACM Christmas Party Dec 13

- FIRST Lego League Dec 7

  ACM Students set up e-games in the student center for finals week

- Munday Center Work Day Nov 15

- ACM meeting Sep 25

Spring 2013

- ACM PC Health Check Day at Munday Center Apr 27

- Electronics Recycle Day - Lochraven Building  Apr 19

- ACM PC Health Check Day at Munday Center Apr 6

- Matt Hill with the Cyber Crime Task Force --- Guest Speaker   Mar 19  at the GOTIT meeting

- ACM meeting Mar 6

- ACM students volunteer at the FIRST FTC competition Feb 23

- ACM Students help with set up for the FIRST FTC compeition Feb 22

- FIRST Tech Challenge at OCTC at the GOTIT Meeting Feb 20

- ACM meeting Feb 19

- Work at the Munday Center - Feb 2

- ACM meeting Jan 30
  plan for Munday Center work

ACM at Munday Center

Fall 2012

Ms. Purdy at the FTC Competition

ACM at FTC Competition- FIRST Lego League Dec 1

- Munday Center Service Project - PC Health Day for Senior Citizens Nov 17

- Jo Lawless, Asst. US Attorney --- Guest Speaker   Nov 5
  Ms. Lawless prosecutes primarily child pornography cases & uses computer forensics extensively

- ACM meeting Oct 31
  plan for project at Elizabeth Munday Center

- ACM Meeting Sep 26

Spring 2012

- Green Works Recycling Event Apr 20

- GOTIT @ OCTC Mar 21

- FIRST Tech Challenge Feb 25

Fall 2011

- FIRST Lego League Dec 3

- ACM meeting Oct 19

- Field trip - KY RCFL University of Louisville Shelby Campus Oct 11

- Kim Bradley, KY Regional Computer Forensics Laboratory --- Guest Speaker Sep21
  Ms. Bradley is a digital forensics examiner with KY State Police and KY RCFL

Go to the OCTC ACM Facebook page to see photos.