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Program Outline

Length of Program

The program consists of five consecutive semesters, with completion occurring in May, two years following entrance into the program.

Course of Study

The preparation leading to the Associate of Applied Science degree in Radiologic Technology is divided into two areas:




Credit Hours


ENG 101: Writing I



MT 150(formally MT109): College Algebra



BIO 137(formally BSL 110): Human Anatomy & Physiology I



BIO139(formally BSL 111): Human Anatomy & Physiology II






Social Interactions



NOTE: It is strongly recommended that students complete several of the Gen. Ed requirements prior to entering Radiography program.

B. Program Courses (46 credit hours)

The curriculum is designed to develop critical thinking skills by integrating theoretical concepts with practical experience. While all courses are taught at the college, a clinical (practicum) education takes place in several sites.

Clinical experience is carefully interwoven with classroom instruction to reinforce theoretical concepts. During the clinical rotation, the student-to-technologist ratio is one to one.


Fall Semester (of year accepted into program)
DMI 102, 106, 108 8 credit hours
DMI 110 Radiography Practicum 1* credit hour


Spring Semester
DMI 112, 115, 118 9 credit hours
DMI 120 Radiography Practicum II  2 credit hours


Summer Semester
DMI 120 Radiography Practicum III 2 credit hours


Fall Semester (Year 2 of program)
DMI 128, 212, 222 8 credit hours
DMI 220 Radiography Practicum IV 4* credit hour


Spring Semester
DMI 224, 226, 228 8 credit hour
DMI 230 Radiography Practicum V 4 credit hour

*Note: While Clinical Courses only receive 1-6 college credit hours per term, students will spend 16-24 hours each week at various clinical sites throughout the entire program.

The table below lists the amount of contact hours a student is in clinical and the shifts that will be used. Not all experience can be gained on the first shift alone. There are great educational benefits of working second and third shifts as a second year student. You will be exposed to several different situations that are not as common on the first shift.


  Total Contact Hours for Clinical Hours of Clinical per Day/Week Days of Clinical Shifts
Fall Semester #1:
DMI 110


6-8 hrs. per day*
12-16 hrs. per week*
Tuesday and Thursday 1st Shift

Spring Semester #2:
DMI 120



7-8 hrs. per day
24-25.5 hrs per week
Tuesday and Thursday 1st Shift
Summer Semester #3:  DMI 220


8-8.5 hrs. per day
24-25.5 hrs. per week
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday (1st shift) 2nd and 3rd Shift**
Fall Semester #4:



8-8.5 hrs. per day
24-25.5 hrs. per week
Monday, Wednesday and Friday 1st and 2nd Shift
Spring Semester #5:IMG 229



8-8.5 hrs. per day
24-25.5 hrs. per week
Monday, Wednesday and Friday 1st and 2nd Shift
Total Hours 1140

**3rd shift may be different days.

KCTCS has an articulation agreement with all Kentucky state public four year universities for students who are interested in obtaining a bachelor's degree