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OCTC's 15 to Finish Scholarship

Owensboro Community & Technical College (OCTC) and the Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS) are offering new scholarships to help students complete their associate degrees in two years or less. The 15 to Finish scholarship will award students $500 if they successfully complete 15 credit hours in a semester and enroll for an additional 15 hours the next semester.

OCTC Dr. Scott Williams commented, "Associate in ArtsandAssociate in Science degrees are 60 credithours, allowing students to earn a total of $1,500 through the 15 to Finish Scholarship. SomeAssociate in Applied Science degreesrequiremorehours so the students are eligible to earn a total of $2,000 through the 15 to Finish Scholarship."

Research shows students who take at least 15 hours a semester are more successful, graduate sooner and save money. Beginning this fall, students can begin working toward thisscholarshipwhile pursuing as associate degree.

"We continually look for ways to keep the cost of college as low as possible so all of our students receive a good value for their education," said KCTCS President Jay K. Box. "The 15 to Finish scholarship is one more way students save money while completing their programs faster. We're focused on helping students complete their programs as quickly as possible so they can fill the large number of open jobs throughout the state."

New and current students are eligible for the 15 to Finish scholarship, and students enrolled in the scholarship program will retain eligibility if they transfer from one KCTCS college to another. For more information about the scholarship, including how to apply, visit the college website owensboro.kctcs.edu and scroll down to the 15 to finish graphic, and select.