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Dayman Gallery Features Paintings by John Atkinson

To See What I Have Seen, Artworks by John Atkinson will be on display at Owensboro Community and Technical College through Oct. 18.

The exhibition of paintings and pastel drawings is on display at the Dayman Gallery in the Learning Resource Center on OCTCs main campus. Atkinson of Rockport, Ind., completed his formal training at Brescia College, now Brescia University.

"I have never been inclined toward commercial success in art, if success is defined by whether my work sells or not, Atkinson states. I'm more interested in making an impact on the viewer. I was once told that my art had no 'content'. Of course my pride was bruised by this comment, but after considerable deliberation I realized that works of art must have content beyond the esthetic, and I strive to produce works that provoke thought and personal interpretation."

A closing reception will be 6:30-8:00 p.m. Oct. 18 at the gallery.