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Owensboro Community and Technical College (OCTC) hosted it's 25th Annual 5K Road Race on Saturday, April 21, 2012. The event was named in honor of GG Talbott a long time counselor at the college and a member of the KHSAA Hall of Fame. All proceeds from the race benefit student scholarships, clubs and organizations. For a complete listing of results please visit: http://www.owensbororunningclub.com/resources/OCTC+age+group.htm

The overall male winner was Gene Mesker of Evansville with a time of 19:10, the female winner was Lisa Muench with a time of 21:23. The Masters winners were Terry Butler in 19:36 and Julie Young in 26:29; Grandmasters winners were Carl Goff in 24:19 and Vicki Bowen in 30:53. Awards were also presented in the following age groups with the winners listed, male and female respectively: (14 amp; Under)William Scott -23:14 and Jennifer Maxwell -25:53; (15-19) Wesley Johnson-20:36 and Heidi Wedding -22:10; (20-24) Eric Hardin-20:09 and Jennifer Lee-28:11; (25-29) Brandon Lee-24:17 and Emma Taul-23:50; (30-34) Eric Cart-21:21 and Leslie Childs-22:16; (35-39) Thomas Adkins-20:10 and Rachel Mesplay-23:21; (40-44) Jeff Fritz-20:30 and Theresa Hayden 27:16; (45-49) Barry Bowlds-22:44 and Bernie Hale-27:01; (50-54) Margie Mason-31:12; (55-59) Bruce Elliot-26:44; (60-69) Carl Runyon-25:47 and Abby Wallace-37:46; (70+) John Masazaros 28:40 and Carolyn Decker-32:37; Walkers-Cole Alexander 39:16 and Shaylene Eitel 33:47.

OCTC president, Dr. Jim Klauber holds an internal "President's Challenge" for college employees. Klauber donates an additional $5 to the race for every employee that completes the course and an additional $25 for those that beat him to the finish line. This years race had 59 employees sign up and five "clobbered" Klauber to earn an extra $125 for the race fund. Those employees who earned that honor were: Jeff Fritz, Barry Bowlds, Matt Bruner, Carl Runyon, and Bernie Hale.