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OCTC Faculty Staff Students Host College View Cobra Club

Owensboro Community amp; Technical Colleges Automotive Technology program is working on a Preparing Technicians for Advanced Transportation Fuels initiative. Lewis Nall, Program Director for Automotive Technology, and some of his second year Advanced Emissions Students are working with The Cobras, a College View Middle School Club. They have been covering various topics from the transportation industry with the club and the past few sessions have focused on Alternative Fuels and Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles. ATECH Training has partnered with OCTC on this initiative and has generously donated 10 Dr. Fuel Cell vehicle kits that are used in various stages of fuel cell training.

Last week 34 students from the College View Middle School Cobras Club participated in a hands on demonstration using the fuel cell stack provided in the ATECH kits. At the end of the session they were able to see which groups car crossed the finish line first. Not only did the group learn about an alternative fuel technology but they were excited and engaged throughout the process. The college students benefitted from the experience at least as much as the middle school students. One way to truly understand a process, is to try and explain it, and then demonstrate it to another said Lewis Nall.

Dr. Jim Klauber, OCTC President commented, Activities like this are essential to train future technicians and introduce students to new technologies.