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OCTC Speech and Debate Team at Anderson

OCTC debaters dominated the speaking awards portion of the Spring Harold Achor NEDA Debates at Anderson University held March 6-7, in Anderson, Indiana. OCTC speakers were among the top 7 performers at the two day event and won awards including Alan Fulkerson -7th, Tiffany Duke -3rd, and Brooke Bozarth - firstTop Speaker. Bozarth has now won four top speaker awards at both NEDA and Parliamentary debate competitions this year, a team record. This was Fulkersons first debate competition since attending the 2008 NEDA Nationals tournament in New Jersey last spring. The team of Bozarth and Duke earned a 5th place team award. Also competing for OCTC at Anderson were Jeremy Rogers, Nathan Bishop, and Michelle Donovan.

For more information on joining the Speech amp; Debate please contact Bob Glenn at 686-4553 or by email at bobj.glenn@kctcs.edu.