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Speech Debate Team Have Successful Semester

Owensboro Community amp; Technical College's Speech amp; Debate team completed a successful semester. The team competed at the NEDA Debate Nationals at Ball State University on March 18-19, 2011. OCTC had two pairs compete in Crossfire Debate. P. J. Johnson from DCHS , Owensboro and Emilee Seaman, a freshman from Owensboro, won third place honors in the Rookie Division.

The OCTC team hosted the 3rd annual Marty Cronin Memorial Speech Tournament April 29-30, 2011. This year the tournament was an intercollege event featuring speakers from the OCTC speech team and from COM 181 classes from the college.

Winners included:

Radio Broadcasting

1. P.J. Johnson, 2. Karl Berggren, 3. James Knox, 4. James Smith, 5. Nidia Thies, 6. Jarred Birkhead.

Impromptu Speaking

1. James Knox, 2. James Smith, 3. Donna McHenry, 4. P.J. Johnson, 5. Tyler Shields, 6. Jessie Clark.


1. Donna McHenry, 2. Jessie Clark, 3. Sydney O'Hearn.

Informative Speaking

1. Chris Hamilton, 2. Salena Baggarly, 3. Sydney O'Hearn, 4. Lisa Gertiessen, 5. Jessie Clark, 6. Mikaela McPherson, 7. Tyler Sheilds.

Extemp Speaking

1. Karl Berggren, 2. P.J. Johnson, 3. James Smith

After Dinner Speaking

1.Chris Hamilton, 2. Emilee Seaman

Dramatic Interpretation

1. Donna McHenry, 2. Emilee Seaman, 3. Cody Poole, 4. Alyssa Robertson

Persuasive Speaking

1. Sandy Chinn, 2. Tyler Shields, 3. Donna McHenry, 4. Jessie Clark, 5. Alyssa Robertson, 6. Mikaela McPherson.

The tournament would not be possible without the help of many faculty and staff from the college and community. Special thanks and recognition to: Julia Ledford, Tammy Rice, Stephen Harvey, Meredith Skaggs, Karin Chess, Dan Hildenbrandt, Tori Forncrook, Caitlin Glenn, Bobby Glenn, Barb Tipmore, Debbie Ruth, Kevin Beardmore, Keith Nall, Angela Ash, Freida Pagan, Mike Boyd, Teresa McFarland, Amy Stiff, Mary Kinney, Stacy Head, and Melissa Hardesty.