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Ronnie Murray Earns 3rd Place Honor at IDEA State U

Veronica Ronnie Murray graduated from Owensboro High School in 2005. As a Business Administration - Management major at OCTC, Ronnie was inspired to compete in the Idea State U regional competition, hosted by OCTC, as an extra credit option for Professor Michael Boyd. He asked her to consider:

Is there a need for your product?

How are you going to market it?

Will you be able to scale this kind of business?

Ronnies moment of inspiration came while on campus. Walking over to the window to close the blinds in my English class, I noticed how lifeless the trees outside the window looked, since it was still winter. I immediately thought how interesting it would be to create little vests, shirts with ties, and skirts for the trees to "wear" to give them a little pizzazz commented Ronnie. Later that day, I came up with my concept for a Tree Huggie. I figured it would be something unique, and the more I gave thought to the concept, the more excited I became about the idea of creating "clothing for trees." Seemed rather silly, but for those who know me, I pride myself on being unique--and so the idea for Tree Huggies was born! Her future plans are to move into production. The funds from the Idea State U competition will allow her to trademark and copyright the brand, and fulfill orders she has already received. She hopes to create a commercial and move to mass production. She plans to finish her degree at OCTC, transfer to WKU-Owensboro to complete a Bachelor's degree, and then move on to a master's degree program.


I came to OCTC because the school welcomed me to come. The atmosphere was very inviting, and the faculty and staff are very dedicated to returning emails and phone calls. I actually had applied and was accepted to Western Kentucky University, but came and checked out OCTC before I made a final decision. Lewatis McNeal worked to help me get enrolled within days of school starting. Andrea Borregard was super friendly and helpful in making sure all of my financial details were taken care of immediately. Barb Tipmore met with me and helped me dissect each class and times to make sure my schedule fit my lifestyle needs. The staff in the START Center provided me with details for the COMPASS test. I felt secure when I left the campus, and I knew this is where I wanted to be. -Ronnie Murray