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Electrical Training


FLEXIBILITY. The IMAC (Industry-Based Accessible/Accelerated Credential) program is designed for busy employees. It offers accelerated courses and work-based learning options to allow the greatest flexibility. CONVENIENCE. The quality of the learning content is the same as traditional academic courses.  However, the way in which it is delivered is different.  Shorter learning programs (modules) are offered and progress is based on performance not an academic calendar. Students can learn at their own pace and set their own schedule. REWARDING. Each module offers college credit. In some cases, credit may be awarded for experiential learning, on-the-job training, and previous coursework completed.


Students can begin by taking the courses required for the Electrical Mechanic Certificate. The sequence is listed below. Each course has a pre-test and a post-test. After each course, students are required to perform lab exercises with an OCTC instructor and/or on-site at work before they will receive credit for the course and lab. Total credit hours earned at the certificate and diploma level are applied to the AAS Degree.


    Electrical Mechanic Certificate Courses:                                        Credits:

  1. IMT 110/111 - Industrial Maintenance Electrical Principles                  5
  2. FPX 100/101 - Fluid Power                                                              5
  3. EET 264/265 - Rotating Machinery                                                  4
  4. EET 270/271 - Electrical Motor Controls I                                         4
  5. EET 276/277 - Programmable Logic Controllers                                4               


The IMAC courses listed above can lead to the following credentials:

  • Industrial Maintenance Electrical Mechanic Certificate: 22 Credits
  • Industrial Maintenance Technician Diploma: 48-60 Credits
  • Associate in Applied Science (GOTS) Degree: 60-76 Credits

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