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Tech X

TechX is short for “Tech eXpress” as this program can be completed in 7 to 9 months.

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Pete Mattingly
Success Coach and Employer Liaison
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What is TechX Program?

TechX is short for “Technician Express”--you can complete this program, earn # of credentials in only 7-9 months, and be industry ready for an entry-level position.

Multi-Craft Technologists are preparing for a journey into life-long learning and adjusting as technology changes. Foundations in robotics, machine tool, welding, fabrication and material handling are progressive, and participating students will earn certificates in Gas Welder, Arc Cutter, Production Line Welder, and Forklift Operators upon completion of the coursework.

TechX program students.

Two tracks are offered that provide flexibility for a variety of non-traditional, time-challenged adults. The daytime option will allow students to attend classes eight hours per day, three days per week for a seven-month period. The evening option will allow students to attend classes four hours per evening, four nights per week for a nine-month period.

Students will also receive concierge-like services from a Success Coach who will counsel them about financial aid and job placement options available to them.

Getting Started

Technical Training

  • Hands-on
  • Short term
  • Day or evening
  • Geared towards adult learners
  • Multiple career paths
  • Financial aid and job placement assistance available

How Do I Pay For This?

Worry no more. With the lowest tuition in Kentucky, financial aid options, and a helping hand to guide you through the application process, OCTC has you covered. OCTC will help you reach your goals at a price that won't break the bank.

What Else Do I Need to Know?

Additional Information

Working with Master Instructors, program participants earn several high demand industry certifications:

  • Gas Welder
  • Welder Helper
  • Production Line Welder
  • Forklift Operators
  • Exploratory Machining I

An employer-driven evening schedule allows students the opportunity to work fulltime via the program’s job placement services.

Students earn first-class technical and career essential education at the "speed of industry” with the option to stack the credentials earned towards an Associate in Applied Science degree in:

  • Industrial Maintenance Technology
  • Advanced Manufacturing Technology
  • Computerized Manufacturing & Machining

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