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Computer Based Training

OCTC's Workforce Solutions offers a responsive and flexible solution to employers for upskilling their workforce through its FlexTrain enterprise. Flextrain has designed and delivered turnkey, computer-based training (CBT), certification, and hosting services to education, business, and industry partners throughout North America.

FlexTrain's extensive CBT portfolio includes:

  • Customized Instructional Design
  • Video Production
  • Course Delivery
  • Course Management
  • Corporate Hosting Services
  • Certificate Validation
  • Course Badging
  • Highly Responsive Help Desk Support

As a postsecondary entity, FlexTrain is a value-added partner with the ability to offer third-party validation and delivery to its diverse range of commercial and educational clients. Thanks to its CBT production team's expertise, FlexTrain is recognized for innovative and cost-effective solutions delivered at the speed of industry.

FlexTrain utilizes three learning management systems to meet its wide range of industry partners and delivery needs. This capacity includes access to an extensive online library featuring dozens of timely, soft-skill topics readily accessed by HR professionals for their organizations. Cost-effective training programs such as "Diversity and Inclusion" and "Time Management" are ideal for professional training opportunities in large or small organizations.
With companies increasingly preferring online or hybrid training deliveries, OCTC's WS developed an interactive and engaging computer-based leadership training that has been used for training employees in a cross-section of industries. This course was designed for employees currently in leadership roles or those desiring to transition to leadership roles in the future. The multi-faceted course focuses on four main areas: 1) Making the transition from co-worker to leader as smoothly as possible; 2) Understanding personal styles and how different personality types can work together; 3) Applying the skills for effective communication and conflict resolution; and 4) Developing a strong, cohesive team of high-performing employees.

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FlexTrain Partnership Highlights

Ensuring that their contractors strictly adhere to facility-specific, industry safety standards is critically important to one of the nation's top Aluminum Smelters. Workforce Solutions redesigned a multi-hour, stand-and-deliver safety course into an interactive, computer-based delivery, which removed tedious training and assessing duties from the CRP Safety Team, thus allowing for greater focus on overall facility safety. FlexTrain's course management delivery system maintains pertinent Contractor Safety certification records, including 'trainee' liability waiver sign-offs, and prompts notifications for bi-annual renewals of certification.

One of FlexTrain's inaugural partners is the Green River Intra-County Transit System (GRITS). The collaborative partnership was designed to offer interactive, multi-media, online continuing education training in modular format for GRITS drivers. The CBT delivery was designed to be accessible to employees through FlexTrain's user-friendly, Learning Management System (LMS), compatible with Android tablets and available to trainees utilizing free web access at public locations. The third-party program delivery of safety training, as well as the automatic tracking and reporting on participants' successful completion, has mitigated potential litigation costs associated with patient accidents and injuries and has markedly reduced insurance premiums for this community agency.

Strict government guidelines and safety standards make employee training top of mind for this agency partner. Ensuring that every one of its team members completed the dozens of mandatory federal and state trainings required annually was a formidable task. Documenting and maintaining accurate records of course completion for hundreds of employees was equally challenging. Large-scale training events were expensive - resulting in significant loss of personnel time on task, as well as travel and hospitality costs. FlexTrain has served as the agency's concierge training services partner by designing CBT coursework and hosting dozens of online trainings for the agency. FlexTrain's customized course management services allow AACS Head Start managers and executive leadership to access customized, highly responsive professional development training, reporting, and Help Desk services for its employees located in 13 counties.

At the request of KCTCS, OCTC's WS assumed the leadership of AMTEC, a 15-year collaboration of more than 70 industry and education partners working together to prepare highly skilled technicians for the advanced manufacturing industry. AMTEC has expanded into a responsive workforce model that fosters strong industry and college partnerships, including such partners as Boeing International, Toyota, and Nissan. AMTEC efforts focus on ensuring virtual curriculum and competency-based, online assessments remain relevant, updated, and centered on employers' critical needs. It also includes a national certification to help incumbent workers advance in their careers as well as skills assessments so that companies can better evaluate their workers for promotion opportunities.