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Customized Workforce Training

 Like our main campus, Workforce Solutions offers credit-bearing classes in mechanical and electrical maintenance as well as short-term certification in areas such as forklift, rigging and lifting and welding. We offer
  • Mobile Training Options
  • Computer Based Training (CBT)
  • Industrial Maintenance Training
  • Electrical and Mechanical Training
  • Computer and IT Training
  • Health Career Preparation-  Phlebotomy, CNA, Dental Assistant, Pharmacy Tech, Home Health Care Aide
  • Leadership/Organizational Development
  • Workkeys, CLEP, GED, Pearson VUE Tests For EMT, Plumbers, Electricians, HVAC, Insurance Agents

KCTCS TRAINS Funding Options
Our training has many advantages over traditional college classes! Our classes are:

Customized to your industry
Scheduled based on your worker availability
On-site or near your site
Taught by industry-experienced instructors
Possibly eligible for 50% paid state funding

Industry courses offered through OCTC's Workforce Solutions division are tailored to your industry, personalized to your organizations strategic priorities and adapted to meet your needs. This industry training option allows you the opportunity to schedule classes and labs whenever it is most convenient for employees. If possible, we can offer training at your location or near your location at one of our satellite campuses. An industry-experienced instructor delivers personalized training.

In addition, your employees will have to assume the responsibility of submitting transcripts, taking the college placement test, registering for courses, paying fees, and buying books and supplies on their own before the class starts. At Workforce Solutions, these tasks are handled by a single point of contact. Your employees don't pay tuition and fees on an individual basis. Your organization is charged only after the training has progressed. Most of our industry training programs are eligible for KCTCS TRAINS funding (50% paid with state funding).

Traditional college courses are only offered in an eight-week bi-term or 16-week traditional semester schedule, including online courses. Traditional college courses are offered according to a set date and time and availability is based on unfilled student slots. There is no customization to content and instructors may or may not have actual hands-on industry experience. With traditional online courses there is limited interaction with other students and the instructor. Some students may do well in this format. Most students require personal interface with the instructor to maximize their learning experience.

Also, if employees miss class due to work schedules, traditional courses typically don't provide an opportunity to make up missed coursework. This entails time off the job or requires the employee to do this on his/her personal time.

KCTCS-TRAINS funding consideration isn't available for traditional courses.

Since production requirements are first and foremost with majority of our company partners, they overwhelmingly prefer the flexibility and individualization that customized delivery provides.

Interested? Contact Keith Boarman or call 270-686-4440

Your company may be eligible to 50% or 100% training funds from Kentucky. 

All companies for-profit companies in the Commonwealth of Kentucky are eligible for KCTCS-TRAINS funding. KCTCS-TRAINS will support projects for:

existing Kentucky companies that are requiring employees to learn new skills in their jobs.
companies that are contributing to Kentucky’s economic development
For incumbent worker training, companies are required to pay 50% of the cost and KCTCS-TRAINS reimburses the college directly for the remaining 50%. Colleges will work with the company to identify a schedule for invoicing and companies are invoiced after services are delivered.

100% FUNDING for Companies new to Kentucky

For companies that are creating new jobs by relocating into Kentucky or for existing business/industry that are already doing business in Kentucky, workforce education and training programs and services are available at a 100% no-cost level after meeting eligibility specifics and minimum requirements.

Eligible companies are defined by program requirements for the Kentucky Business Investment (KBI) Program as defined by KRS 154.32. As with all state administered economic development incentive programs, any inducements offered to an eligible company under the KBI Program are negotiated by Cabinet for Economic Development officials.

Contact Workforce Solutions at 270-686-4444 to learn more and/or apply for funding.

For companies that are creating new jobs by relocating into Kentucky or for existing business/industry that are already doing business in Kentucky, workforce education and training programs and services are available at a 100% no-cost level after meeting eligibility specifics and minimum requirements. 

Determination of Qualifications by the Cabinet of Economic Development 
For relocated business/industry or expansion of current business/industry to receive KCTCS-TRAINS funding, the Cabinet of Economic Development must first deem the company’s project as being “committed”.  Committed is defined as the project meeting the program requirements of the KBI Program and the Cabinet for Economic Development has appropriated funding for the projects.  At the required time, KCTCS Workforce Solutions will engage with the Cabinet to determine all details of the training project and complete the KCTCS-TRAINS application for new or expanding business/industry projects. 

The KCTCS Vice Chancellor of Workforce and Economic Development will notify the college and coordinate project development activities between the college and the Cabinet of Economic Development. 

Minimum Eligibility Requirement Established by the Kentucky Cabinet of Economic Development 

Any business entity engaged in one or more of the following activities: 
Regional and national headquarters (regardless of the underlying business activity) 
Nonretail service or technology activities must be: Designed to serve a multistate, national or international market; 
Provided to a customer base that includes more than 50% non-residents; and 
May include, but are not limited to, call centers, centralized administrative or processing centers, telephone or internet sales order or processing centers, distribution or fulfillment centers, data processing centers, research and development facilities, and other similar activities. 
Eligible company does not include business/industry where the primary activity to be conducted within the Commonwealth is forestry, fishing, mining coal or mineral processing, the provision of utilities, construction, wholesale trade, retail trade, real estate, rental and leasing, educational services, accommodation and food services or public administration services. 

Requirements to qualify for KCTCS-TRAINS funding: 

Employment minimum requirement:Create a minimum of 10 new, full-time jobs for Kentucky residents. 
Maintain an annual average of at least 10 new, full-time jobs for Kentucky residents. 
Investment minimum requirement:Incur eligible costs of at least $100,000 
Wage minimum requirements:At least 90% of the new, full-time Kentucky resident employees must receive hourly wages of at least $10.88 (150% of the federal minimum wage). 
Any company deemed eligible is required to provide the new, full-time Kentucky resident employees with employee benefits equal to 15% of the required minimum hourly wage. 
Total hourly compensation (hourly wages plus employee benefits) must equate to at least $12.51. 

Bluegrass State Skills Corporation Skills Training Investment Credit
Provides credit against Kentucky income tax to existing businesses that sponsor occupational or skills upgrade training programs for the benefit of their employees.

Bluegrass State Skills Corporation Grant Reimbursement Program provides matching grant funds for customized business and industry-specific training programs.

For more information and additional details, call or e-mail Cindy Fiorella at or 270-686-4444.

OCTC delivers customized high quality and cost effective training and assessment services that are designed to improve the performance and efficiency of your company. The OCTC Workforce Solutions staff will work with you to design training programs to meet the needs of your company and bring them to your location. In addition, OCTC offers open enrollment classes for hundreds of topics to help you meet your workforce training goals.

Our training has many advantages over traditional non-customized college classes.

Workforce Solution at OCTC utilizes qualified subject-matter experts and instructors to provide basic-through-advanced levels of industrial training. We offer the training opportunities in the following areas, many of which can lead to a degree, including:

OCTC offers a hybrid option for employee training where employees participate in interactive and engaging computer-based training (CBT) modules and take an assessment to test their knowledge. Then following each CBT module, the employees come together for an in-person training session to demonstrate the skills they have learned.  The CBT modules provide training in Professional Development or Industry Specific topics. Face-to-face training may be eligible for KCTCS TRAINS funding.

We specialize in creating online training for your company.  Our courses include videos of your site as well as built-in assessments of your employees' understanding of their training.  Our back-office will register your students and provide support for accessing the training.  If you should want to add an instructor-led component, we will supply a content expert to connect with your employees via the web or face-to-face. You will receive a detailed report of completion and mastery of content. Our leadership and compliance training has been used extensively by our customers in our 7 county area.

For a demonstration of our online training, view this sample safety video.

However, if you want "off-the-shelf" online training, we have a wide variety of courses that are available!

OCTC offers expertise and assistance in pre-hire selection and new employee orientation. We work with you to define the required skills and abilities for each job and then design a preemployment program to evaluate and enhance employee skills helping you:

Save time and money on recruitment

Reduce employee turnover

Cultivate your own leaders

Promote from within

OCTC works with your subject matter experts to identify and map job competencies and skills,develop standard operating procedure manuals, and design customized training curricula for targeted positions within your organization ensuring optimal ROI.

OCTC offers face-to-face, instructor-led, in-person training with instructors certified in Achieve Global®, a nationally recognized leadership and customer service development program.  Achieve Global® training modules provide in-depth instruction in supervisory and leadership skills, as well as key foundational skills required of all professionals. May be eligible for KCTCS TRAINS funding.

Call 270-686-4444 to discuss any one of these options.