Leadership | OCTC


Owensboro Community and Technical College plays a vital role in the region for economic development, educational attainment, preparedness for transfer to a university, or transitioning to a professional career. The President of OCTC is Dr. Scott Williams, an educator with a wide variety of academic and real world experience.

Dr. Williams collaborates with the Executive Team, made up of vice presidents who are responsible for the day-to-day operations of the college. Below is a list of the vice presidents and their area of responsibilities.

Executive Team

  • Dr. Veena Sallan, Academic Affairs
  • Mike Rodgers, Advancement and Foundation
  • Dr. Ashleigh Crowe, Interim Student Affairs
  • Sarah Price, Business Affairs
  • Cindy Fiorella, Workforce Solutions
  • Jim Hartz, Information Technology

Leadership Team, Administrative Council and the College Assembly

The next level of leadership includes the Leadership Team listed below. The Administrative Council is a collaborative body that provides primary recommendations to the College Assembly, allowing for more in-depth discussion and debate of agenda items.  The College Assembly includes all full-time employees as voting members, although select issues that require voting are faculty issues and thus require "faculty-only" votes. All issues that are considered college-wide are voted upon by the entire body in attendance.


The Deans of Academic Affairs report to the Chief Academic Officer.

  • Kathy Hoffman, Interim Dean, Division of Professional and Technical Studies
  • Dr. Shane Armstrong, Division of Arts and Sciences
  • Donna Johnson, Interim Academic Affairs Assistant
  • Stacey Bertke, Academic Affairs Assistant


The Academic Leads report to the Deans of Academic Affairs.

  • Shawn Payne, Manufacturing/Skilled Trades
  • Dr. Laura Boarman, Interim, Business, Health, and Public Services
  • Dr. Meredith Skaggs, Humanities and Fine Arts
  • Dr. Lori Donahoo, Nursing
  • Dr. Micah Perkins, Mathematics, Sciences, and Social Sciences

Administrative Council

  • Donna Abell
  • Dr. Ashleigh Crowe
  • Lori Donahoo
  • Kathy Hoffman
  • Bethany Ebelhar
  • Christy Ellis
  • Cindy Fiorella
  • Bernie Hale
  • Jim Hartz
  • Dr. Laura Boarman
  • Shanna Ballard
  • Amy Jorgenson
  • Lindsey Kafer
  • Sherry Lee
  • Rhonda Logsdon
  • Dr. Shane Armstrong
  • Dr. Ed Morris
  • Christi Midkiff
  • Kitt Midkiff
  • Shawn Payne
  • Dr. Micah Perkins
  • Sarah Price
  • Mike Rodgers
  • Debbie Ruth
  • Dr. Veena Sallan
  • Dr. Meredith Skaggs
  • Michelle Tudor
  • Sharmy Davis
  • Dr. Scott Williams (Chair)

Organizational Charts

Please see below for organizational charts listed by departments.