Leadership | OCTC


Owensboro Community and Technical College plays a vital role in the region for economic development, educational attainment, preparedness for transfer to a university, or transitioning to a professional career. The President of OCTC is Dr. Scott Williams, an educator with a wide variety of academic and real world experience.

Dr. Williams collaborates with the Executive Team, made up of vice presidents who are responsible for the day-to-day operations of the college. Below is a list of the vice presidents and their area of responsibilities.

Executive Team

  • Academic Affairs - Dr. Veena Sallan, Vice President/Chief Academic Officer
  • Advancement and Foundation - Sydney Warren, Chief Institutional Advancement Officer, Executive Director of the OCTC Foundation, Inc. 
  • Business Affairs - Sarah Price, Vice President
  • Information Technology - Jim Hartz, Vice President
  • Marketing and Recruiting - Bernie Hale
  • Student Affairs - Dr. Ashleigh Crowe,  Vice President
  • Workforce Solutions - Cindy Fiorella, Vice President

Leadership Team, Administrative Council and the College Assembly

The next level of leadership includes the Leadership Team listed below. The Administrative Council is a collaborative body that provides primary recommendations to the College Assembly, allowing for more in-depth discussion and debate of agenda items.  The College Assembly includes all full-time employees as voting members, although select issues that require voting are faculty issues and thus require "faculty-only" votes. All issues that are considered college-wide are voted upon by the entire body in attendance.


The Deans of Academic Affairs report to the Chief Academic Officer.

  • Arts and Sciences Division - Dr. Shane Armstrong, Academic Dean
  • Professional and Technical Studies - Kathy Hoffman, Academic Dean

Department Heads

The Department Heads report to the Deans of Academic Affairs.

  • Dr. Laura Boarman, Business, Health, and Public Services
  • Dr. Lori Donahoo, Nursing
  • Shawn Payne, Manufacturing/Skilled Trades
  • Nathan Hirtz, Mathematics, Sciences, and Social Sciences change to Mathematics, Natural and Social Sciences
  • Dr. Meredith Skaggs, Humanities and Fine Arts  change to Heritage, Humanities, and Fine Arts

Administrative Council

  • Donna Abell
  • Matt Alschbach
  • Dr. Shane Armstrong
  • Shanna Ballard
  • Stacey Bertke
  • Dr. Laura Boarman
  • Dr. Ashleigh Crowe
  • Sharmy Davis
  • Dr. Lori Donahoo
  • Bethany Ebelhar
  • Christy Ellis
  • Cindy Fiorella
  • Bernie Hale
  • Jim Hartz
  • Marty Higdon
  • Nathan Hirtz
  • Kathy Hoffman
  • Amy Jorgensen
  • Sherry Lee
  • Rhonda Logsdon
  • Lisa May
  • Christi Midkiff
  • Kitt Midkiff
  • Dr. Ed Morris
  • Shawn Payne
  • Dr. Micah Perkins
  • Sarah Price
  • Nicole Ralph 
  • Dr. Veena Sallan 
  • Dr. Meredith Skaggs
  • Michelle Tudor 
  • Sydney Warren
  • Dr. Scott Williams (Chair)

Organizational Charts

Organizational Structure 2023-2024
Scott Williams, Ph.D., President

Academic Affairs

Dr. Veena Sallan: Vice President

  • Senior Administrative Assistant: Stacey Bertke
  • Senior Administrative Assistant: Stefanie Belew
  • Administrative Assistant: Jerron Boling
  • Interim Academic Affairs Assistant: Donna Johnson

Arts and Sciences

Dr. Shane Armstrong, Academic Dean

Humanities & Fine Arts

Department Head: Dr. Meredith Skaggs

  • Art: Abbi Rupert
  • Communications: Amy Jorgensen, Dr. Meredith Skaggs, and Taylor Washum
  • English: Matt Branham, Kaye Brown, Shannon Collins, Jacqui Epley, Molly Gibson, Tonya Northenor, Debbie Ruth, and Susan Swanson
  • History: Matthew Alschbach and Dr. Angela Ash
  • Music: Dr. Connie Ford and Scott Napier
  • Philosophy: Vacant
  • Spanish: Dr. Ramon Muniz
  • Theatre: Grae Greer

Mathematics, Natural and Social Sciences

Department Head: Nathan Hirtz

  • Biology: Dr. Geralyn Caplan, Dr. Tim Dick, Misty Gish, Lalitha Kannan, Peter Kobella, Dr. Micah Perkins, and Dr. Chad Wilkerson
  • Chemistry: Dr. Denise Hanes 
  • Education: Casey Hamilton
  • Mathematics: Donna DePasquale, Nathan Hirtz, Danny Huffman, Connie Logsdon, Brian Thomas, and Carrie Whitmer
  • Psychology: Jessica Hodges, Mary Kinney, and Dr. Ed Morris
  • Sociology: Chad Gesser

Academic Student Support Services

  • Library Director: Donna Abell
  • Librarian II: John Lutzel
  • Library Specialist: Ann Bennett
  • Library Specialist: Lora Waters
  • Instructional Designer: Stephanie Self
  • Academic Program Coord.-Perkins Grant: vacant
  • TRiO Director: Becky Hodskins
  • TRiO Program Facilitator: Lindsey Greer and Mary Bruner

Professional and Technical Studies

Kathy Hoffman, Academic Dean

Business, Health, and Public Service 

Department Head: Dr. Laura Boarman

  • Agriculture: Chris Cummins, and Troy Muse
  • Business: Haley Minton, and vacant
  • Criminal Justice, Brock Peterson
  • Fire Science/Paramedic/EMT: Jimmy VanCleve, Joe Dennison
  • Healthcare Facilities Leadership, Mike Canales
  • Interdisciplinary Childhood Education, Amanda Merritt
  • Medical Assisting, Natalie Horstman
  • Medical Information Technology. Taylor Ladd
  • Radiography: Crystal Henderson, and Michelle Tudor
  • Surgical Technology, Zara Basham
  • Veterinary Technology: Dr. Laura Boarman, Tara Groves, and Jacqueline Jackson 

Manufacturing/Skilled Trades 

Department Head: Shawn Payne

  • Air Conditioning Technology: Larry Stone, and Rick Gresham
  • Automotive Technology: Billie Joe Harris, and vacant
  • Computer & Information Technologies: Matt Monsour, Tim Williamson, and Calli Young
  • Computerized Manufacturing & Machining: Randy Crowe, and Danny Moseley 
  • Construction: Nathan Meredith (PT)
  • Diesel Technology: Walt James
  • Electrical Technology: Justin Elderwood, Marty Higdon, and Justin Payne
  • Engineering & Electronics Technology: Richard Hall
  • Indust. Maintenance Tech: Shawn Payne, and Sean Steele
  • Plumbing: Danny Richeson (PT)
  • Robotics: Thomas McNamara
  • Welding Technology: Shawn Gannon, and Lance Shutt


Department Head/Director, Dr. Lori Donahoo

Faculty: Audrea Davis, Bethany Ebelhar, Sarah Fulcher, J.R. Greer, Sasha Nies, Madeline Pippin, Jake Martin, Kim Revlett, Dr. Eunice Taylor, and Megan Whitmore

Healthcare Simulation Specialist: Nicole Johnson

Academic Student Support Services

Early College: Nikki Wimpelberg

Concurrent Enrollment, NACEP: Dr. Meredith Skaggs, and Dr. Shane Armstrong 

SACSCOC Accreditation Liaison: Nicole Ralph

Organizational Structure 2023-2024
Scott Williams, Ph.D., President

Business Affairs

Vice President: Sarah Price 

  • Human Resources 
  • Campus Information
  • Maintenance and Operations 
  • Campus Security 

Associate Dean: Rhonda Logsdon

  • Cashiering/Student Fee Payment/Travel: Donna Vanover
  • Cashiering/Student Fee Payment (PT):  Jody Dysinger
  • Accounts Payable/Purchasing/Procards/Inventory: Haley Minton
  • Accounts Receivable/Student Collection/Third Party Contracts: Penni Conrad

Human Resources Director: Shanna Ballard

  • Human Resources Coordinator: Brandy Givens
  • Human Resources Assistant: vacant

Campus Information/Operator: Mary Durr

Maintenance & Operations Director: Dennis Redd 

Maintenance & Operations 

  • Assistant Supervisor, Jim Durand
  • Maintenance Technician: Jermaine Ashley, and Eddie Horton
  • Maintenance Worker: Janice Embrey, Mike Hoover, Johnathan Wroe, vacant
  • Electrician: Steve Scott
  • Administrative Assistant: Dorrita Ashley

Campus Security Supervisor/Security: Jeff Hendricks

  • Main Campus: Christina Sandefur
  • Main Campus: Lorrie Jewell
  • Downtown Campus: Ottaway Kirby
  • Downtown Campus: Kelly Payne
  • SE Campus: Wayne Burns

Organizational Structure 2023-2024
Scott Williams, President

Institutional Advancement

Chief Institutional Advancement Officer: Sydney Warren

Administrative Assistant: Cadie Underwood

Administrative Accountant: Gina Sloan

Director of Grants: Christi Midkiff 

Organizational Structure 2023-2024
Scott Williams, President

Information Technology

Vice President: Jim Hartz

IT Coordinator: Micheal Powers 

IT Project Manager: Craig Miller

IT Specialist: Mark Stiff

eLearning Instructional Specialist: Lisa May

Help Desk & Support Services: Lucas Corley

Organizational Structure 2023-24
Scott Williams, President

President’s Office

Dr. Scott Williams, President

Exec. Administrative Assistant: Kitt Midkiff

Director Marketing & Recruiting Director: Bernie Hale

  • Marketing & Recruiting Coordinator: Katie Powers
  • Marketing & Recruiting Specialist: Hailey Ballard
  • Video Producer: Rodney Newton
  • Marketing Assistant, Linda Taylor

Associate Dean: Institutional Research, Joy Bowlds

Associate Dean: Institutional Research, SACSCOC Liaison, Nicole Ralph

Vice President, Academic Affairs: Dr. Veena Sallan

Vice President, Business Affairs: Sarah Price

Vice President, Information Technology: James Hartz

Chief Institutional Officer: Sydney Warren

Vice President, Student Affairs: Dr. Ashleigh Crowe

Vice President, Workforce Solutions: Cindy Fiorella

Organizational Structure 2023-2024
Scott Williams, President

Student Affairs

Vice President: Ashleigh Crowe, Ph.D

Academic Advising

  • Dean of Student Affairs: Sharmy Davis
    • Transfer Coordinator: Katie Ballard
    • Success Coaches: Victoria Brown, Maurice Calhoun, Jr., Ceary Crisp, Andrew Landreth, Rebecca Stoen

Admissions Processing

  • Student Affairs Assistant: Janet Dukes
  • Administrative Assistant: Cynthia Johnston

Counseling, Accessibility, and Student Development

  • Associate Dean of Student Affairs, Title IX: Barb Tipmore
    • Administrative Assistants: Penny Howard, Waylon Millay
    • Ready to Work Coordinator: Amy Fogle Stiff
    • College Counselor: Karri Barnett

Cultural Diversity

  • Director: Sharmy Davis

Experiential Learning (Title III)

  • Director-External Education: Olivia Schilke
    • ELO Center Coordinator: Jan Goldman
    • Success Coaches: John Bristow, Lauren Hagan

Financial Aid

  • Director: Rebecca Simon
    • Financial Aid Specialists: Rosa Gogel, Mary-Kaitlyn Kohler
    • Financial Aid Assistant: Kadie Boone

START Center

  • Director: Courtney Duvall
    • Admissions Advisors: Linda Conkright, Amee Payne
    • VA Representative: John Bristow

Student Records

  • Registrar: Christy Ellis
    • Student Affairs Assistants: Brittany Daniels, Arin Durand

Organizational Structure 2023-2024
Scott Williams, President

Workforce Solutions

Vice President: Cindy Fiorella

Business and Industry Services

  • Director of Industry Training: Vacant
    • Project Manager: Technical - Sonya Southard
    • Industry  Trainers: Josh Willey, Leon Mills (PT)
    • Special Projects: Susan Smith

Healthcare and Leadership

  • Director of Sales: Allyson Sanders
    • Project Manager - Healthcare: LaTasha Shemwell
    • KNAT Coordinator: Danielle Staples
    • Adjunct Faculty  and Assessment Asst.: Jennifer McGree

Innovation Initiatives

  • Director of Comm., Workforce and Economic Dev.: Sheri Plain
    • Director of Innovation, AMTEC, and CBTs: Jason Simon
    • CBT Project Manager: Susan Jollay
    • CBT Production Specialist: Ken Knight
    • NSF Virtual Reality Project Manager: Jennifer Burke

SkillTrain Adult Education Services

  • Director: Dr. Ryan Hall
    • Assistant Director: Kim Nicholson
    • Recruitment Specialist: Beth Nicholson, Amy Nix
    • Adult Education Trainers: Alitta Leachman, Savannah Gillam, Raegan Marshall, Mya Rowan, Rick Thompson, Taylor Bryant
    • ELL Coordinator: Meredith Bowers

Tech X, CDL, GO FAME, GO Careers, Apprenticeships

  • Director of Workforce Partnerships: Katie Vincent
    • Employer Liaison/Career Navigator: Peter Mattingly, Alicyn Rodgers
    • CDL Master Instructor: James Cecil, Danny Smiley
    • Tech X Co-Coordinator/Instructor: Andrew Austin, Parrish Duncan

Workforce Assessments, Customer Service, Operations

  • Director: Kim Free
    • Assistant Director of Operations: Mason Lanham
    • Assessment Center Coordinator: Christi Bowman
    • Customer Service Specialist: Diann Shock