NEH Mini-Grant Application

Owensboro Community and Technical College (OCTC), National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) Mini-Grant Application

Those community agencies or groups wishing to apply for funds from the OCTC NEH Mini-Grant will complete the following application.

Funding will be granted in any amount, up to $2000.

The OCTC NEH Mini-Grant is made possible in conjunction with the OCTC NEH Endowment (initiated in 2011 with an NEH Challenge Grant and completed in 2017). The grant serves to promote and support the humanities at OCTC with programs such as the Common Reading program, the Global Studies program, as well as many others. The purpose of the mini-grant component is to support complementary programs throughout the OCTC service area.

Successful applicants will submit a short mid-point progress report, a short summative report (template provided below: End-of-Project Evaluation Form), and provide results from an evaluation of the project (template provided below: Event Survey).

Ideally, funding must be used within the indicated time frame to coincide with OCTC programming, but longer valuable projects related to literacy will also receive consideration.

2018-2019 Academic year will encompass:

Fall 2018 Getting Out by Marsha Norman August 2018-November 2019 (Norman will visit OCTC on Thursday, October 25, 2018)
Beyond the broader themes of literacy and the importance of reading and the humanities, some related themes particular to this play might include: prison life; prison reform; women in prison; rehabilitation, recidivism rates; “prisons” we create for ourselves; ability of the arts to shine light on social issues; self-worth/self-esteem; socio-economic influences on social well-being

Spring 2019 Binti by Nnedi Okorafor– January 2019-April 2019 (Okorafor will visit OCTC on March 21st in conjunction with the 2019 Women in Computing Conference)
Beyond the broader themes of literacy and the importance of reading and the humanities, some related themes particular to this novella might include: empowering and educating women in fields related to computing and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math); re-considering gender and cultural norms; science fiction in literature; female authors and heroines in science fiction; cultural stereotypes and conflicts;

The OCTC NEH Mini-Grant Committee will review all applications by September 30th; all applicants will be notified by October 20th.

TBA Soon; watch OCTC Common Reading's Facebook page for updates:
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Applications submitted by the deadline will be given priority consideration; applications submitted after the deadline will be given secondary consideration, dependent on the availability of funds.


Upon completion of the project selected, please complete the two following forms and submit your feedback via email to Thank you!