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Satisfactory Academic Progress

Federal regulations mandate that a student must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) in their course of study regardless of whether or not financial aid is awarded each semester.

To receive and to continue receiving financial aid, students must meet the following Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards:

Quantitative: Earn (pass) two-thirds of all credits attempted in every term (must equal at least 67% when you divide hours earned by hours attempted);
Qualitative: Maintain at least a cumulative 2.0 GPA; and  
Maximum Time Frame: Have attempted fewer than 150% of the credits required for your declared program of study. (Federal regulations effective July 1, 2011 require all students to be evaluated to determine if they are on track to receive their intended credential before aid is lost due to Maximum Time Frame. This is called "pace progression.")

Your academic progress will be monitored throughout the semester AND your progression through the program. Failure to maintain the standards listed above could jeopardize your future eligibility or cause you to owe funds back to the school.  

If you have failed to meet SAP, you have the right to submit an appeal. You may submit an appeal online in your Student Self-service account by clicking on SAP Appeal Request. If you do not see your SAP appeal listed or it says it failed, contact OCTC's Financial Aid Office at (270) 686-4520 or

If the SAP appeal is approved, the student will be assigned a Financial Aid SAP Probation status and may be given an academic plan of action/contract that stipulates certain conditions and academic requirements.  Upon acceptance of the academic plan of action/contract, the student may receive financial aid for one additional term.  The SAP Appeal Approval process is not complete and awards will not be made until the Financial Aid Office receives the accepted academic plan of action document from the student. At the end of that term, the student’s status will be re-evaluated.  Federal student aid for the next term will not be awarded or disbursed until the student has successfully completed all terms specified within the academic plan of action contract or is found to have met SAP requirements.

If the SAP appeal is denied, the student is not eligible for federal student aid, and some state aid, and will remain ineligible until they are again in compliance with SAP standards.  These students may continue to attend college at their own expense.

Please note:

Students enrolled in Pending or Undecided program plans are not eligible to receive financial aid.
Per federal regulations, students must complete developmental/remedial course work within a maximum of 30 hours.


Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Instructions
If your financial aid is SUSPENDED you may file a Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Appeal to be considered for financial aid reinstatement based on extenuating circumstances that were a factor in not meeting SAP.

First, complete a FAFSA, and your OCTC financial aid file for the award year.
Complete the Online SAP Appeal Request, via your Student Self-Service account.
Specific instructions on how to complete this process are located directly on the online form. To prevent delays, please follow these instructions explicitly. Incomplete SAP Appeal Requests will have a delay in processing. Please, be aware that the committee may request documentation if needed.

SAP Appeal Requests should be submitted prior to any tuition payment cancellation deadlines.
SAP Appeal approval or denial decisions will be sent directly to the student's KCTCS email address.

Please note: The student is responsible for payment arrangements pending an appeal decision. Tuition is not guaranteed nor is a book charge available to you pending a decision. If you have questions about this process, please contact OCTC's Financial Aid Office at (270) 686-4520 or