Dual Credit FAQ

What are dual enrollment courses?

Dual enrollment courses are courses offered on one of Owensboro Community and Technical Colleges campuses in which high school students are eligible to enroll and potentially earn credit if they meet the required placement guidelines. Often, these courses allow the student to earn both high school credit and college credit simultaneously.

Dual enrollment courses on campuses, are not limited to enrollment for high school students, but rather they are college courses open to all students and high school students may enroll.

How do I qualify for dual credit courses?

Academic score requirements for entrance and particular technical programs. If the students high school schedule allows and permission is given by the high school, the student will work with their high school counselor or college and career readiness coach to complete the required application and placement information.

I want to register for dual credit courses. How do I do that?

Students with a complete admissions file and the required placement scores should confirm their intentions with their HS counselor and then contact their Admissions Navigator

What are the tuition charges or other charges associated with dual credit?

Dual credit students are responsible for full tuition expenses. They are also responsible for any required fees, transportation expenses, or other associated costs of materials not provided by the instructor/class. There are scholarship opportunities available to dual credit students including the Dual Credit Scholarship and postsecondary SEEK funding that is allocated to eligible technical program students. Additionally, some school partners pay courses and/or texts that are a part of special initiatives and may also provide transportation

How do I know if my high school participates with dual credit?

Please refer to the Discover College page on the Owensboro Community and Technical College website for an updated list of secondary partners. Additionally, you can refer to the Discover College memorandum of agreement-those who sign it-participate.

What type of admissions documents do you need for me to register as a dual credit student?

Each student is required to submit an application, a registration card, an official transcript, and meet placement guidelines. Other documents may be requested as necessary for identification verification.

Where do I send my official documents to for dual credit?

Students will apply online. You may send your HS transcript to OCTC via Parchment or give it to the Admissions Navigator for your high school.

I am a home schooled student. Can I register for dual credit courses?

Yes, home school students are eligible to apply for dual credit courses. The same placement scores are required and process for admission/registration will be the same. Contact Courtney Duvall, Home School Admissions Navigator at (270) 686-4490 or courtney.duvall@kctcs.edu.

Is there an age requirement for dual credit courses?

There is no age requirement for dual credit courses unless indicated by the program. Often this excludes certain programs from being an option to Discover College students altogether (due to selective admissions). All programs eligible to high school students are identified on the Discover College page of OCTCs website. Program eligibility is based on placement guidelines. Preference is given to juniors and seniors in high school.