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What is General Education?

What is General Education?

Students attend classes on one of OCTC's campuses with the goal to transfer courses to a 4-year university. Students are responsible for the tuition costs of transfer courses and can receive college and high school credit for their work. Programs are open to juniors and seniors who must provide their own transportation, books, and supplies.

Courses Available

Owensboro Community and Technical College provides students a core foundation if they wish to transfer to a four-year university or they can acquire the skills necessary to enter the workforce. Within the Transfer Framework Agreement, all 60 hours taken to complete an Associate in Arts or an Associate in Science degree are guaranteed to transfer to any Kentucky public institution.

High school students may also be eligible to complete courses toward other Academic Programs of Study. Students must meet the required Placement Guidelines for admission into certain courses and programs.

*To see how individual courses will transfer to the institution of your choice, please contact the transfer institution's admissions department.

Student Eligibility

  • Students must meet or exceed placement guidelines for their respective program above.
  • Annually, students must complete an OCTC application, provide placement scores, send an updated transcript from his/her high school, and meet with the high school's admissions navigator to schedule classes.
  • Students must be a high school junior or senior and work with his/her high school for permission to enroll.
  • Supplying the above information does not guarantee a students admission into Owensboro Community and Technical College or the students program of choice. Some programs and courses have limited admission. Meeting with your high school's admissions navigator early will help get the first pick of programs and classes. Registration begins April 15 for Fall semesters and October 15 for Spring semesters.

Contact your high school's admissions navigator to set up an appointment and get started today!

OCTC Contacts by High School
Linda Conkright
  • McLean County High School
  • Ohio County High School
Jessica Wooldridge
  • Trinity HIgh School (Whitesville, KY)
  • Hancock County High School
  • Breckenridge County High School
  • Cloverport Independent School
Courtney Duvall
  • Owensboro High School
  • Daviess County High School
  • Apollo High School
  • Owensboro Innovation Academy
  • Heritage Park
  • Homeschool
Barb Tipmore
  • Owensboro Catholic School

If your school isn't listed please reach out to Linda Conkright.