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Accommodations for Testing

Special Accommodations for Testing

Not all individuals can be fairly tested under standard conditions. If you have a documented learning disability, a physical disability, or an emotional disability, you may qualify for testing accommodations when taking the GED tests. If approved, testing accommodations are provided at no additional charge to the GED Candidate.


  • Attention-deficit or hyperactivity disorder
  • Learning or other cognitive (mental) disabilities
  • Emotional and/or health disability
  • Physical or chronic health disability

We can give you the Accommodation forms; however, a certified professional must fill out all the forms. Once the forms are completed, you may return them to us. We will submit them along with test scores to the testing office to be sent to the GED Testing Services. They will notify you when it is approved or denied.

Please be aware that this process can take up to three months to process. When your documents have been processed a representative will contact you by mail or by phone.